Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Bob Saget and Craig Flipy

Many of you may have seen the new Bob Saget show called Strange Days, in particular, you may have seen the episode where he went squatchin' with Bigfoot hunters. The episode was aptly titled "Let's go Squatching."

One of the largest break-out personalities was Bigfoot phenom Craig Flipy. And yes, we mean phenom. This young prodigal man has somehow reinvented what sasquatching is all about, incorporating ninjitsu and bushcrafting. We are not joking and neither is he. See the audition tape below.

That video led to this...

Sure Craig is funny, witty, but most of all he is inspiring. After reading Ivan T Sanderson, he buys a moped from an ex-girlfriend and goes on a lone interstate adventure traveling 3000 miles in search of Sasquatch. You can read the whole 9-part adventure starting here

Theres more than one reason to watch for Craig Flipy, as entertaining as he is, he represents the newest generation of squatchers; un-jaded adventurers who's journey towards finding Sasquatch is just as important as the destination.

Learn More About Craig -- The portal to all things Flipy
The 9-part Moped Story -- It will inspire you
Craig's Personal Blog -- Bushwhacking and Bob Saget

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