Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Countdown, 10 days of Appreciation: Day 06 Whales and Ghosts

We want to spend the final days of 2010 appreciating those who have supported us this year. Three years ago, we could have never hoped for this much success. Our only goal was to search, dig and find the most topical Bigfoot news, and share it with anybody that listen. If we were lucky, we would make a modest contribution to the Bigfoot Community and find an audience. We have been more than lucky, thank you.

We will save the last day for our fans, without your tips comments and suggestions we wouldn't have the mass appeal we have. For now, we would like to recognize our sister blogs; Whales in Space and Ghost Hunting Theories.

You know as well as us there are Bigfooters who think he's extra terrestrial (think UFO's) and there are those who think he's paranormal (think ghosts). It is no surprise that those who cover UFO's and Ghosts may also be interested in Bigfoot. We have our hands full with Bigfoot, but we have had great support from two blogs that cover Bigfoot and beyond.

Whales in Space has been our friend for over a year and has been a constant supporter. You can visit Whales in Space for the best UFO updates and Bigfoot news. This year has brought a great string of orange orb news. They also have the best UFO/Sasquatch hotline. 571-24-WEIRD (571.249.3473)

Ghost Hunting Theories is a new friend this year and they don't just have ghost hunting theories, they also have a few good Bigfoot theories as well. It is ran by Autumnforest, a ghost hunter who grew up in a Civil War field hospital where many unexplainable occurrences changed the course of her life.

Thank you both for your support this year and providing us with other things to think about.

Whales In Space Bigfoot Coverage
Jesus Confirms Bigfoot’s Hybrid Origin
UFO's Russians, and Bigfoot Bones
WIS entire Bigfoot Collection

Ghost Hunting Theories Bigfoot Coverage
Bigfoot Documentaries: The Best
Drunken Bigfoot

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  1. How wonderful! Thanks! I have a post coming up in a few days about how UFOs and Ghosts are similar and I threw in BF too because we are all chasing that which is hard to capture. I just love your blog and BF is my favorite subject along with ghosts. I had to pick one and I have a lot more experience with ghosts, but I intend to get some BF hunts under my belt this year too. Wish me luck. If I approach it like ghost hunting, we might be doing strobe light dances before we start the hunt (my favorite way to loosen up the group and warm them up). Keep it up! Can't wait to see your 2011 posts!

  2. Love this site. Dave of Dave's BigFoot Show


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