Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thom Powell Week: Book Cover Tease

Click the above picture to enlarge and see details!

This week we celebrate Thom Powell, the contemporary researcher and author of the Bigfoot Research book, "The Locals". On November 3rd he will be speaking at an event sponsored by the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium and University of Oregon. There are rumors he will provide a peak of his new book, "Shady Neighbors"

Speaking of the book, "Shady Neighbors," Thom Powell is taking Bigfoot art and Bigfoot book covers to the next level. He has commissioned our artist to create an original and unique cover for the book.

The image above is what those artist-types call a study, basically practice to see how to create textures (like the liver spotted skin of a primate) or lighting (like the way a sunset highlights fur). Proportionals and sizing is also worked out, like perhaps a baseball would look even smaller in the hand of a Sasquatch.

You may ask yourself why would a Sasquatch hold a baseball. that's a question for Thom Powell on November 3rd!

November 3rd Event
Thom Powell Week: To true believers, Bigfoot lives
Thom Powell Week: The Contemporary Researcher
Thom Powell Week: Peer Review

Thom Powell's book the Locals
Cliff Barackman talks about the Chehalis Project, investigated by Thom Powell

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