Monday, October 4, 2010

Sky Valley Chronicle 7 Point Proof Against Bigfoot

We have heard these reasons against Bigfoot Before. Why haven't we found one yet? Where are the remains?

In this case the Sky Valley does more of the same. We could argue counter points for each of thiers, but we will only take on
POINT#6:You cant find a credible scientist anywhere that believes in all this crapola about Bigfoot. That oughta be a big clue right there.

I think there are several credible scientist that consider Bigfoot a possibility DR. Jane Goodall, Dr Jeff Meldrum to mention a few.

Below are all seven points:
1 Despite all the bazillion hunters in this country – both Native Americans and those scheming scoundraly Anglo invaders from England who spoke with forked tongues and brought all the smallpox - going back to before America was even called America, there is not one documented case of a hunter bagging a Bigfoot. Not one. Over hundreds of years. There’s bookoo bear been whacked, lottsa elk, tons of deer, wild turkeys, ducks and whatnot but not one Sasquatch bagged. Zippo. There's not even a documented case of a hunter even getting a clear look at one through the scope on his Remington 30.06.

2 There’s not one documented case of Bigfoot DNA being found that made the biologists go “Eureka! We have evidence of an ape man!”

3 No body, no bones, no fur, no DNA NOTHING to authenticate the existence of the wild ape man. Not even one clear photograph after hundreds of years. You have any idea of how many clear photos of deer and elk have been taken in the wilds over the past two hundred years? Well, a lot. That’s how many.

4 A lot of folks who believe in Bigfoot quote the famous 1924 tale told by Fred Beck who claimed he and four other miners were “attacked” one night in July by some “ape men” who threw rocks at their cabin in an area that later became known as Ape Canyon, Washington.

Well, get this. Beck later (some 43 years later in 1967) writes a book about the incident in which he said the ape men who attacked their cabin were alleged "mystical beings from another dimension."

Ooooookay. Beck also claimed he had experienced psychic premonitions and visions his entire life and that the “ape men” were only one of many such weird experiences. Wow. Wouldn't you like to hear about the rest of those experiences? Later on a cave expert claimed the whole story arose from an incident in which hikers from a nearby camp had thrown rocks into the canyon.

5 The famous (and cheesy) 1967 Roger Patterson home movie of a purported Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California is about as believable as the next clown who says elect me and I’ll make government smaller. This piece of trash film is one of the so-called best pieces of evidence for Bigfoot’s existence, according to the Bigfoot believers.

Which is too bad because not many years ago Bob Heironimus, an acquaintance of Patterson's, came forward and admitted it was he in that ape costume on the film. Ooops. There goes that great proof.

6 You cant find a credible scientist anywhere that believes in all this crapola about Bigfoot. That oughta be a big clue right there.

7 If there was a Bigfoot, we'd know about it because God talks to us (just like he talks to them TV preachers) and we talk to you. So there.

Benjamin Bradfords Top 10 Reasons Bigfoot doesn't exist
7 Point Proof Against Bigfoot System


  1. Uh, yeah,.... those were uh real convincing.
    1.Hunters have had chances, some said it was "too human to shoot"
    2.DNA isn't just dripping off of the trees dude.
    3.Walk in the woods for a day or two and find a dead elk or bear on the ground.
    4. Guy just might be crazy, what about the thousands of other credible witnesses, some law enforcement, some military?
    5. Why hasn't anyone made a better film 40 years later? With viewable muscles and footprints to match? Check out Bob H's re-creation on youtube, now that's chizeesy!
    6. Define credible. There are many, many scientists, now you're just being lazy.
    7. Wasn't funny in he first place.


    Dan E.

  2. We couldn't have put it better ourselves! Way to finish off with #6 and #7. Too perfect Daniel, let us know if you ever want to write for us!

  3. I didn't believe in Bigfoot my entire life - until six months ago when I was working on a writing assignment and read various books and watched several documentaries.

    I now firmly believe, without a doubt, in the North American wood ape.

  4. I thought the original story was funny and made some good critical points. As pointed out here, there are some factual errors in the piece, but let's remember it is humourous opinion, not a sober investigative piece (point seven makes that abundantly clear).
    Daniel's points are fair rebuttals but in no way compel us to believe in Bigfoot. In fact, some of his points agree with the Sun Valley perspective: all this evidence but after a century no proof?
    A true classical skeptic such as Pyrrho might say neither side has made a case to which we may assent, therefore, we may be comforted by our uncertainty, the friend of reason.

  5. I have been in the woods of Colorado since 1977 more than most. They only thing I haven't seen in the forest is a scientist. They must not exist. Get my point. I have seen a bigfoot dead on at 20 yards. His theories are 100% wrong. He will be proven wrong someday soon. If he's counting on the Forest Service to bail him out good luck. They are managing financial resources for financial gain and are part of the problem, not the solution unfortunately. It's easier to manage something that doesn't exist because the general public can't handle the truth yet, but they do exist I can assure you of that. Plus, in many ways they are more human than ape. They create a moral dilemmas in the minds of some, which also is slowing research in main stream America. Honestly,it makes me sad for this is a very naive view of the forest and the things in it. This type of thinking is only getting in the way progress, but progress will find a way. Mike J-SIR


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