Thursday, October 7, 2010

Encounter at Sasquatch Lake 50 Years Ago

A Canadian twice-weekly paper shares a few Sasquatch stories around the area of Six Mile Lakes. An encounter, which headlined all local West Kootenay’s Papers five decades ago, led to the renaming of one of the lakes; Sasquatch lake.

The Six Mile Lakes are located in British Columbia, Canada, just Southwest of Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.

Recalling the incident himself, John Bringsli, says it happened around 8 a.m. during a solo huckleberry picking expedition at the head of Lemon Creek...

“I had just stopped my 1931 coupe on a deserted logging road... and walked about 100 yards into the bush,” he recalled at the time. “I had just started to pick berries and was moving slowly through the bush. I had only been there about 15 minutes.

“For no particular reason, I glanced up and that’s when I saw this great beast. It was standing about 50 feet away on a slight rise in the ground, staring at me.”

The sight of the creature “paralyzed” him. He described it as seven to nine feet tall, with long legs and short, powerful arms. Its body was covered with hair.

“The first thing I thought was... what a strange looking bear. It had very wide shoulders and a flat face with ears flat against the side of its head. It looked more like a big hairy ape... [M]ost astonishing was that it had hands, not claws.”

Its hair, he said, was bluish-grey.

“It had no neck. Its ape-like head appeared to be fastened directly to its wide shoulders.”

Bringsli, 57, stood gawking at the creature for two minutes, and then it began to shuffle toward him. At that point, he hurled his pail into the bush, sprinted the 100 yards to his car, and sped home.

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