Monday, October 4, 2010

Colorado Sasquatch Research

Ever wonder how they search for Sasquatch in Colorado? Apparently, you can take the researcher out of the field, but not the field out of research. Sorry we don't know what that means--our point is no matter where you have Bigfoot researchers, you have some standard techniques used to do field research. Researchers love their techniques and their technology.

These guys at are no different. They are unapologetically on the paranormal bent when it comes to Bigfoot, they also research UFO's and believe that Bigfoot is part of the same phenomena.

What our team likes is how they describe their tools. Not only do they describe which tools were replaced, they also share which tools they hope to acquire. Its like a 13th-century troubadour singing about past loves.

"I love this camera. It’s my Moultrie Infra Red Game camera. Able to shoot multiple pictures or video, it works like a charm."

"I had two other night vision cameras both Sony Hi8′s. Sony is my choice of camera because out of all the cameras I’ve used through all my investigative years, I’ve gotten the best results with them."

This camera is a wireless security camera attached to a tripod. This was our “real-time” eyes keeping watch on some “treats” left by the witness for our visitor.

The author, Zukowski, leaves nothing out, the who, what, why and where is entirely there for you to read. And every word is worth it, its almost the kind of conversation you hear when a man thinks out loud to himself.

The only thing we find odd is they never mention Bigfoot Lunch Clubs very own 3x25 zoom cardboard Binocs. Two years old and still in use (when its not raining).

Check Out UFONUT.COM. the link below filters all the bigfoot stories for you.
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  1. Love how everything looks so natural and blends in perfectly with the enviroment... NOT

  2. We are Colorado Sasquatch researchers. Check us out at All of evidence is ours and is from Colorado. We are trying to get Colorado on the map for Sasquatch research. I have been doing this here for 20 years mainly by myself until I meant Scott. Thanks for your time. Mike J-Co founder-SIR-303-819-2046

    1. Hats off to you Michael for sticking to it solo until you could find a good partner. I think many solo bigfoot researchers get discouraged, maybe even a little spooked when they have encounters in a solo situation. Looks like you stuck to a courageous path. Keep up the good work.

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