Friday, October 15, 2010

Bigfoot sighted on Taibai Mountain

China's People's Daily announces this breaking news.

Bigfoot sighted on Taibai Mountain
13:03, October 15, 2010

The file photo shows an unidentified Bigfoot in Shennongjia, China's Hubei Province.

The striking news on the appearance of a Bigfoot on Taibai Mountain in Xi'an, Shaanxi Provnice recently spread among local residents of Mei County located near the foot of Taibai Mountain. Is Taibai Mountain really home to a Bigfoot?

Who encountered the Bigfoot on Taibai Mountain?

Reporters interviewed many residents of Mei County, and their accounts varied. According to one story, when several travelers from Xi'an made camp in the deep forest, they suddenly heard a howl and when they looked up, they saw a hairy monster moving back and forth in the woods. After one of them cried, "It is a monster," they ran away in panic and nearly fell into a groove. It was said that these travelers were too frightened and were completely speechless for a few days after they got off the mountain, and they were admitted to the hospital right after returning to Xi'an.

However, according to another story, a few backpackers from Shanghai went to visit Taibai Mountain, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, and started climbing the mountain in Houzhenzi Village, Zhouzhi County. They walked for two days in the misty mountain where there are a large number of old rattan plants and trees.

When they made camp at the foot of a cliff in the undeveloped Donghe scenic zone at dusk on the third day, they heard an unearthly cry and dimly saw a humanlike creature flying overhead, but the creature was quickly out of sight before they could take a good look. Afterwards, one of them said that the creature was entirely covered with hair but closely resembles a human being, and can swing from branch to branch. This unexpected incident really scared them all.

Then which one of the two stories is true? Or are both false?

A Taibai Mountain National Forest Park official told reporters that several tourists from Xi'an did tell park staff on Sept. 18 that they saw a wild creature in the mountain, but it is still unclear whether it was really a Bigfoot.

Reporters were also informed that Shaanxi Daily and other newspapers had published long reports on the discovery of half-human, half-animal creatures on Taibai Mountain as early as 1990s.

By People's Daily Online


  1. Annoying...nowhere online can I find any information about who took this 'photo' (assuming it IS a photo and not a drawing) and I can find nothing on BFROs website, which makes me loose even more respect for that collection of nitwits who run it.

    Meldrum was in China, yet he has no comment yet? I know this stuff takes time, but c'mon...let's find out about this.

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