Sunday, October 10, 2010

Austin and Sommers have met Bigfoot, but MacGyver?

Bigfoot's appearance in the The Six Million Dollar was so popular they made an action figure out of it and then included it the sister series Bionic Woman. We have never done a post on either of these episodes, because we were waiting for just the right occasion.

What occasion did we pick? The surfacing of the MacGyver episode with Bigfoot.

MacGyver (TV series 1985–1992)
Ghost Ship (TV episode 1987 #3.4)

While mapping some wilderness in Alaska, MacGyver discovers an abandoned ship. On it, a Russian stowaway tells him that the crew were all scared off, by Bigfoot! Src:

And while we are reminiscing about cheesy shows with Bigfoot here are the two bionic clips from Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

The Six Million Dollar Man (TV series 1974–1978)
The Secret of Bigfoot (TV episode 1976 #3.17)

Two geologist friends of Steve Austin disappear in Californa while placing earthquake sensors in the woods. A giant footprint is found nearby, leading to speculation of the involvement of a Sasquatch. Src:

The Bionic Woman (TV series 1976–1978)
The Return of Bigfoot: Part 2 (TV episode 1976 #2.1)

Steve Austin, suffering from radiation poisoning has given Jaime Sommers the task to find the alien visitors to get some of their wonder drug Neotraxin. Unfortunately for Jaime, Sasquatch is barring her way. Src:

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