Monday, September 20, 2010

NY Post: Bigfoot will be MUST HAVE Toy

Today, the New York Post List many Must Have toys, on top of the list? the Fisher Price imaginext Bigfoot Toy. Back in February we mentioned how the Wall Street Journal also thought this toy would be a holiday winner.

Big-ticket toys are making a comeback.
While last year's must-have toys were mostly lower-priced items like Zhu Zhu pets -- selling for less than $10 -- a few toy makers this year are betting that parents are feeling more flush.
Take, for example, the "Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster" by Fisher-Price. While it lists at Toys "R" Us for a whopping $109.99, the giant toy chain says it expects it will be among the 15 hottest sellers this season.
"Bigfoot stomps around, throws tantrums, exercises, somersaults, naps and more," the retailer enthused in a press release that's slated for release today...

you can see the revved up promotional ads below

A 3-minute 3D Adventure

Our breaking video on our YouTube Channel

New York Post Article
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Interactive Find Bigfoot Game
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  1. He certainly is adorable. It's amazing how much he can do.


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