Tuesday, September 21, 2010

M.K.Davis: Video Proof Bigfoot was Shot in Thigh

*** UPDATE 11/27/2010 ***
M.K. Davis has emailed us and requested we correct this post. While we have not changed the following post we would like add M.K. Davis denies he has ever accused Bob Gimlin of shooting Bigfoot. Below is a quote from the email:

"On your comment that I have theorized that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot bigfoot at Bluff Creek. This is absolutely untrue. I don't know where you got that from but I have formulated no such theory. I respectfully request that you correct this assertion that I have accused Patterson and Gimlin of this, as I have not done so. -- M.K.Davis"

We appreciate M.K.Davis taking the time to help us balance the record and we apologize for over-generalizing the sensitive subject of Bluff Creek.

Bigfoot encounters does a much better job covering this story, but below have a few image teasers. These teasers are what M.K. Davis is using to support the whole Big foot massacre theory.

In a nut shell. M.K. Davis proposed that the famous Patterson Gimlin footage was actually a small part of the film documentation of a Bigfoot Massacre. M.K. Davis theorized Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson killed Bigfoot at Bluff Creek in 1967, and John Green, Bob Titmus, and others being behind a coverup of this “massacre.”

It goes deeper too, according to the extended theory the Patterson, Gimlin, et al were hired by the forestry corporatist to kill these Bigfoot to protect their financial interest. If this was truly something the foresting industry wanted, you would have thought they had the foresight of the spotted owl.

Now that you have the teaser and the backstory go to Bigfoot encounters and read this intriguing read here.


  1. I cannot see how after all these years, rumors about a Bloody Bluff Creek have never been leaked by all the original parties. This is a Swiss Cheese effort that is a desperate search for something that is obviously not there.
    Bob Gimlin is a straight shooter but not a Squatch Shooter.
    Hopefully Bill Munn's will soon say all this better then I.

  2. You would be surprised what forestry companies will do to protect their interests. It's like the denial of the existence of eastern cougar in Northern ontario.

  3. I swear you all are idiots i think this shit is fake

    1. Your opinion. But, not fact. Spend some time actually looking at the enhanced footage of the back,arms and legs. No suit in existence at that time could have transfered the muscle movements seen in the film. And then you have to ask why would a fake suit be built to such extreme exactness only to be filmed at such a distance and so shakily that the details were only years later found to exist after painstaking effort to stabilize the film after photographing each frame digitally? Your claim of "hoax" does not make any logical sense.

    2. Craziness, just don't know what to believe. The whole leg proportion throws me for a loop, that the femur was too long, and the shin too short. Exciting stuff that this is still debated 40 years on. Well done either way.

    3. then what are you doing here?

  4. what a great film...very compelling. .sure makes life interesting...always thought it was a hoax until i studied whats available on line and utube..muscle movement, rupture on thigh,gate,skeletal propertions,body mass etc...looking at the second bigfoot in the film even more compelling evidence....im certainly convinced Bob H. is a liar..faking this film doesn't make sence to me even if it was possible to make the suite. It would be so easy to prove it was a fake produce the costume, find the 7 foot tall person that was wearing it and show the world how it was done. I seriously doubt if someone put up a million dollars for that to happen it still wouldnt. i think bigfoot will show up before the fury suit does.


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