Thursday, September 23, 2010

Igor Burtsev to head another Bigfoot Expedition in Siberia

Siberia? Don't you mean Yeti or Almas? Yes astute readers you are ever so clever, but if Igor wants to call it Bigfoot, we wont split hairs (unless those hairs are Sasquatch with potential DNA evidence).

Igor, director of the International Center of Hominology, was responsible for discovering a possible skull of the Almasty. In 1996 he sent the skull to the US to have DNA testing done. Despite a possible DNA relationship to Neanderthals, the morphology seemed too different to corroborate such a conclusion.

This has not stopped Russian news agencies to continue to report Igor Burtsev's ongoing expeditions. Most recently Itar-Tass News Agency files this report below:

KEMEROVO, September 22 (Itar-Tass) -- A fourth science expedition has left for Mountain Shoria (a territory in Southern Siberia, east of the Altai Mountains) earlier on Wednesday in search of any traces of the abominable snowman. Taking part in the expedition will be the director of the International Center for Hominology, Igor Burtsev, deputy president of the public association Kosmopoisk, Vasily Dovgoshei, History Doctor Valery Kimeyev and other experts.

As Igor Burtsev, a participant in several previous expeditions, has told Itar-Tass, the search will last for about ten days. The experts are determined to find irrefutable evidence the Bigfoot (also known by the names of Sasquatch and Yeti) does exist.

“During the previous expedition a year ago I saw markers (half-broken branches) the creature uses to mark the controlled territory,” Burtsev said.

“Mountain Shoria is a perfect place for yetis. It is a sparsely populated, mountainous area, where there are many caves, it is relatively warm and there are sources of pure fresh water. In the mountain rivers fish is in abundance and hunting in the forests must be really good. I reckon the Bigfoot likes to go fowling. In the woods I have found several artifacts to confirm my theory of mine. This time I plan to find the Bigfoot’s shelter and even try to contact the creature."

The head of the Tashtagol District, Vladimir Makuta, says that the first mention of Bigfoot’s presence in Mountain Shoria dates back to 1980. The creatures seem to have gone especially active over the past three years.

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