Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Good Week for Bigfoot Researcher Cliff Barackman

At the risk of seemingly having a man-crush on Cliff Barackman (we've had 3 posts about him in the last week alone), the truth is, we go where the news goes, and not only has Cliff been on fire, he's gone international!

The German Bigfoot blog, has interviewed Cliff with some great insightful questions. The post is half German, half english. We have translated the opening paragraph for you below:

The search for Bigfoot is a lot more than just a hobby. The "Squatching" or "Bigfooting" as it is called by the performers themselves, has blossomed into a kind of lifestyle for some. You go out every free minute in the wilderness and spend most of their income on fuel and equipment for voyages to remote regions. One such man is Cliff Barackman. The man from Portland, Oregon, has been interested in the school for the Bigfoot phenomenon. Today he is a member of his Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, and probably one of the most persistent field researchers, there is. Alike, the man who works as a teacher and jazz guitarist, as one of the helpful "Bigfoot." I met Cliff at Oregon Sasquatch Symposium in June, but had unfortunately no opportunity to interview him because he broke during the Symposium on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, because there were fresh tracks were found. I asked him why, to answer my e-mail a few questions. Questions such as why he is looking for Bigfoot, whether it would be ethical to kill such a creature on the value of focus photos and videos and how he feels about the ominous Kentucky project.

We love the end of the interview, which feels like a quickfire question and answer sessions.

What are your three favorite books on Sasquatch?
Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science by Dr. Jeff Meldrum.
Bigfoot / Sasquatch Evidence by Dr. Grover Krantz.
North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch by Dr. John Binder nail.

Three most admired Bigfoot?
Dr. Jeff Meldrum for his academic professionalism, and bravery by sticking his neck out.
Dr. John Mionczynski for his staggering field experience and knowledge.
Bob Gimlin for his integrity and kindness in the face of mud slinging and misinformed gossip.

Three best pieces of evidence?
The internal congruence of the available data.
The Patterson / Gimlin film.
Footprint casts.

Three worst pieces of evidence?
The only "bad" evidence is that which is fabricated. The rest of it is simply to be disproved by investigation. That's the nature of science.

Three best events in bigfooting history?
The Patterson / Gimlin film event for it's unique impact.
The Cripple Foot footprint event for its role in getting Dr. Krantz interested.
The founding of the BFRO for being the largest database ever assembled of sasquatch sightings and publicly shared.

Three worst events in history bigfooting?
The Georgia "Body In A Freezer" hoax.
The publishing of Greg Long's book, The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story.
The "Massacre at Bluff Creek" theory getting any traction at all

Three best locations to search for sasquatches?
The Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.
Prince of Wales, Iceland, Alaska.
Uninterrupted green belts near your home.

Three best items for field research?
Thermal imager.
Audio recorders.
Nature observation skills.

Three best experiences in the field?
Bigfooting with Bob Gimlin.
Adventures with Bobo (every trip with him can be described as "the best").
Doing field work on Prince of Wales Iceland.

Three worst experiences in the field?
Finding myself four miles upstream from camp at sunset without a flash light at Bluff Creek.
Any one of my numerous experiences with poison oak or poison ivy.
Having to get towed out of slick, deep mud in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Three best websites on Bigfoot?
(All modesty aside)
(if asked for a fourth one we are sure he would have added Bigfoot Lunch Club)

Not German? Can't speak or read German? no Problem the link below will automatically translate the blog for you.

EXTERNAL LINKS (translated)
Cliff's new Facebook Page

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