Friday, August 6, 2010

Weird Georgia Catalogs Bigfoot

The illustration above is based on the particular Bigfoot That inhabits Georgia. Below is some actual footage of a savanna swamp ape.

Jim Miles is the author of two Weird Georgia books. Weird Georgia is part alternative state history and part renegade tour guide. Read about Georgia weirdness and decide for yourself if the stories of UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, natural phenomenon, citizens with unusual abilities and archeological curiosities should be taken seriously. Use the INTERACTIVE MAP to plan family outings.

In the most recent post Miles talks about a 30-acre property that seems to get lots of grunts, screams and whoops:
In 2000 a family purchased 30 acres of land in rural Elbert County and took up residence. Since then they and neighbors have had many sightings of a Bigfoot creature. They have found anomalous footprints, smelled the creature, and heard grunts, screams, and whoops, the latter a “low to high bass sound lasting several seconds,” wrote Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) investigator Morris Collins. Also reported were “feelings of being watched, feelings that the family should leave a particular area, and at least one stalking incident involving the witness being separated from her mother, father and the family dog becoming very frightened.” The dog has acted intimidated both inside and outside the house. In one instance a teenager and an adult riding a 4-wheeler on the property sighted the creature.
Encounters often occur when only women are present, a peculiarity noted in other cases. Sightings have happened in all seasons and at every time of day for a decade.

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