Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Russians Spot UFO While Digging "Sasquatch" Bones

Go figure. No sooner had we played on the pun of space, Russians spot a UFO while digging up Bigfoot remains.

The news source,, mostly a UFO site files this post today:
In Russia a UFO was found while searching for Bigfoot, video

Masha Dimitriov

A story is making headlines in Russia regarding students that went looking for Bigfoot but found an alien UFO instead (see video below).

On July 13 a group of Archaeological students went on an expedition to find evidence of the legendary Yeti or Bigfoot that is believed to reside on Shoria Mountain in the Kuzbass region of Kemerovo Province in Russia.

Witness accounts of this mysterious 'cryptiod' hominid in this area span over centuries although no scientist has ever found conclusive proof of its existence.

While digging for possible bone remains the students noticed a UFO hovering over them. At the time they saw the UFO, luckily, one of the team was filming anyway. The bizarre craft manoeuvred back and forth before vanishing.

the students now refer to the encounter as a 'miracle'.

Expert on UFO activity internationally and All News Web editor, Mr Michael Cohen, notes that the film 'might be computer generated and needs further study. Alternatively many have suggested a connection between Bigfoot and aliens, some suggesting Bigfoot is indeed an ET'.

In the map below we could locate the Kemerovo Province in Russia mentioned in the article, but could not find Shoria Mountain.

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The video below is pretty weak and the transition from ground to sky is suspect but for what its worth here it is below.

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  1. Damn. Video gone...

    I guess Thom may have been right over bigfoot-ufo link as bizarre as it sounds.

  2. who's youtube channel is it one. maybe we can view it there instead?

    1. "week" is seven days. "weak" is lacking strength, as in "An editor who can't spell simple words is pretty weak."


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