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Bigfoot is Real DVD Will Release Sep 28th

On their about page Reality Entertainment describers themselves as:
...a world renowned producer of cutting edge films by world class authors, researchers and experts from across the globe. From Ancient Mysteries to UFO’s, Secret Societies, Quantum Theory, Meta-Physics, 2012, Spirituality, Religion, Esoteric Teachings, History and much more, Reality Films ventures into mysterious and unknown realms with its unique brand of filmmaking. Visit exotic places, discover the secrets of all ages and enter a domain where Strange Is Normal

They have added a new topic to the list of topics they cover, Cryptozoology.

Bigfoot is Real is a 2 Disc DVD set. The first disc contains three documentaries; Bigfooting in Oklahoma, Tale of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, and Swamp Apes.

The second disc contains The Wildman of Kentucky.

10k bullets, a website that reviews films from arthouse to grind house, has an excellent review of the DVD set. Below is a short excerpt:

Disc one contains three documentaries, the first documentary is titled ‘Bigfooting in Oklahoma’ and it centers around a woman named Esther Schritter who at a very young age first encountered what she believed to be Bigfoot. After the initial set up in which she retells of her numerous encounters with Bigfoot. The remaining time is spent with her searching for Bigfoot and talking to other people who have also seen Bigfoot. Content wise this is a one sided affair as everyone involved are hell bent that Bigfoot exists and no counter argument is ever entered into the discussion.

The second documentary is titled ‘Tale of the Honey Island Swamp Monster’ and it revolves around to documentarians who went to shot some background footage ‘the Honey Island Swamp Monster’ and how they uncovered a hoax. This is easily the most entertaining documentary included with this set.

The third documentary titled ‘Swamp Apes’, once again follows the urban monster mythos prototype. This time around the focus is the different cultures over the centuries who have visited America and the animals like primates that may have brought over by them. This is a dry and times overly clinical documentary that never offers up any real answers.

The main center piece of this release is a lengthy documentary titled ‘The Wildman of Kentucky’ and it is located on disc two. Even though there is plenty of information offered up about Bigfoot and other urban legends. Most of the information has been covered elsewhere countless times before. Also while there are many questions posed. Too much is left up to the viewers own interruption and no real answers are ever put forth.

You can preorder the DVD set at where it is described as:
Amazing accounts of bigfoot from around the world. Are these eyewitnesses seeing an apparition or is this creature real? Listen to the riveting testimony of those who have encountered the beast first hand and decide for yourself.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch attributes from numerous reports include: The smell of a Sasquatch far exceeds that of a bear or other mammals, many cases report an intolerable stench when a Bigfoot is in the area. They vocalize in terrifyingly, high pitched scream like mannerisms, many recordings have surfaced in recent years.They knock trees with branches and logs, reportedly to communicate with each other over long distances. They throw rocks and boulders, there are countless cases with the creature throwing rocks at campers, even boulders from hill tops if disturbed. They live in family units, many cases report the sighting of not one but two or more individuals at a time, often with young in tow.They may have developed a language, many reports tell of a whinnying or gurgling whistle sound associated with their possible speech patterns. They leave very distinct footprints, many of these prints have dermal ridges and other anomalies that rule out a hoax. Is Bigfoot real? You will believe after exploring this fascinating collection.

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10k Bullets Review
Reality Entertainment Website
DVD Available for pre-order at Amazon.Com

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