Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bigfoot Fans, Now for Something Completely Different

Monty Python is often credited as blending the absurdly random with the brilliant, all at once. Imagine if they had also loved Bigfoot. Enter Craig Flipy.

Oh you may remember him from the best bigfoot short film on You Tube, The Legend of Beerfoot. To this day it is one of our most popular posts.

Craig has been busy since those days. At Craig has neatly tied together his YouTube channel, a story about looking for bigfoot on a moped, and a new blog; effectively creating a portal to his media empire--if not his mind.

If you need a reason to get lost in the mind of Craig Flipy just read the opening line to his bigfoot search by moped story:

Reading a story about someone who went looking for bigfoot means that you don’t have to skip to the end to find out what happened.--Craig Flipy

Craig Flipy, BLC salutes you! And for the first time in Bigfoot Lunch Club history will will finish a post with a single picture after the Related Links Section, Because we know Craig Flipy would love the idea to be a part of Bigfoot Lunch Club history. But first, of course...

Craig Flipy's YouTube Channel
Crappy Little Dreams Blog
Our First Post on Craig Flipy

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