Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mike Greene Gets Press in NC

In an article "Hunting for Bigfoot: Expert stakes out forest" Mike Green is followed as he looks for Bigfoot in North Carolina.

Mike Greene is nationally recognized as an expert Bigfoot investigator, so we went along with him one night in search of Bigfoot.
It is dark, so dark you can see the stars and hear the crickets chanting all around.
"It's the anticipation of boogeymen in the darkness, people are scared of the dark," said Greene.
We are miles from anything, a little more than an hour from Charlotte at a secret location in the Uwharrie National Forest.
"Every time it's, 'This could be the night,'" Greene says into the darkness.
We are here, hunting Bigfoot.
"It's the proverbial needle in the haystack. It really is," says Greene."My theory is, do it enough and eventually our paths are going to cross and that's finally what happened."
Greene says he's seen Sasquatch a handful of times in the 20 years he's been on the hunt.
"Right over my head I heard two deep, I call them Darth Vader breaths," says Green. "That got my attention in a hurry." --MICHELLE BOUDIN / NewsChannel 36

WCNC Article


  1. That was pretty interesting. The guy has potential being he has credibility from his relevant behavioral psychology and fraud investigator background. However he is still at the Giganto phase, so he has a little ways to go. Of course considering them Giganto (ape), is what enables people to think that cameras aren't a deterrent factor. They are.

    With enough interactions, maybe he can begin utilizing his skills in behavioral sciences. That comes with additional time interacting with them on a one on one basis, which he has less probability of attaining when traveling all over chasing reports. Of course I don't know how long he spends in areas he visits. He should try going out a few times without a camera, he might end up with a whole new perspective about them.

    Actually following through with the mock camp is good, but unfortunately the cameras will likely be the ultimate deterrent once again. But good luck to him.

  2. Thanks for your comment Osprey! This "Camera Interference Theory" was brought up by a few of the speakers at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. Osprey, could you expand on the why cameras may deter us from finding Sasquatch?

  3. The Oregon Sasquatch Symposium huh? I heard there were a bunch of losers at that gig. OH, this is David Rodriguez, one of the speakers there. lol Hi Guy!

    Elaborate on why cameras may deter us eh? Well this no doubt is something that many different people are finding out with respect to trailcams, and of course there may be a few explanations for that. Either/both would include them putting off IR light that may be visible to sasquatch, and there may be ultrasonic sound that can be heard by them.

    But of course we're talking about carrying cameras here and not stationary ones. So this means going out on a limb and talking about one of those taboo bigfoot subjects. That bigfoot may be one sense ahead of us. Yeah six instead of five.

    But unfortunately all those scientific minded researchers can't go there because it hasn't been 'proven' by, well science. But they are batting a thousand and we keep beating the bush with minimal results. Why are they always one step ahead of us?

    Its one of those unproven theories of course but its worth going out there without the intention of capturing one on film, and instead just enjoy the experience. Your mileage may vary.

  4. Hey thanks Dave! If anybody wants to learn more about Dave go to One of the greatest guys all around!


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