Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fish Food is Brain Food for Sasquatch

A new scientific paper supports the notion that the oily lipids in fish are necessary to, literally, lubricate the brain of an intelligent primate and as far as we are concerned that includes Sasquatch.

The Bigfoot diet is somewhat a mystery (go figure). We can be pretty certain Bigfoot is not strictly a vegetarian as are his cousins; chimpanzees or gorillas — are almost totally vegetarian. Except for an occasional meal of insects, tiny animals, or turtle, they are herbivorous.

Other large primates have the luxury of diverse vegetation and nuts in their habitat. Bigfoot requires more protein. We have heard reliable reports of Bigfoot chasing herds, even eating small deer, but is this the best way for Sasquatch to get protein? The kind of protein needed for an intelligent bipedal ape? The new paper suggest Bigfoot, being an intelligent hominid would need a steady diet of fish to lubricate his brain.

So how did they come to the conclusion oily lipids are necessary for the intelligent ape? By studying the past...

" is the nutritional content in the tropical fish that helped human brain development. This helped increase intelligence enough for them to fish more often and more successfully. And for the growing human baby, the nutritional content in fish becomes vital to increase and maintain a high brain:body ratio.

Also note that fish contain those vital nutrients that the brain needs in order to develop and grow. The human brain is “oily”, containing as much as 600g of lipid per kg, with long chain fatty acids like arachidonic acid (AA) docosa-hexenoic acid (DHA), that the body does not produce; they are thus “essential nutrients” – and fish have them in good measure.--D. BALASUBRAMANIAN

Read the Scientific Paper

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