Friday, July 30, 2010

Bigfoot's Last Supper

When we say last supper we don't really mean final supper. We mean, what did he eat last night? We are big supporters of Sasquatch eating a steady diet of fish as in our post titled Fish Food is Brain Food.

The folks at The Bigfoot Investigation Group (TBIG) take it a step further. Indicating we can gain clues from the diets of Native Americans and Grizzly Bears. Its a great article backed by the sourcing for many of their arguments. Below are the bullet points from their post followed by a summary

• Sasquatch looks a lot like a human.

• They have been observed eating many food items that appeal to man and even some that are not so appealing.

• They hunt animals and gather fruits, vegetables and nuts.

• They are known to be opportunistic, as they have been seen removing dead or wounded animals like deer off our roads and highways.

• Many eye witness reports have domesticated animals such as cats, dogs and smaller farm animals like chickens being taken by Sasquatch.

From these facts we can demonstrate the hypothesis – “Sasquatch’s diet is very similar to that of humans”...

...We can safely answer the question: What does Sasquatch eat? Sasquatch eats what the grizzly eats and probably eats what the Native Americans have eaten in the past and more.

These guys did their research, easily building the argument with nutritional facts and the likely availability of different protiens.

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TBIG's Post: Sasquatch and Their Diet

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