Sunday, June 20, 2010

OSS Jaime Avalos talks about his unique approach

In full field research Gera Jaime Avalos has a unique technique
towards looking for Bigfoot.

Tecniques include:
Sound discipline - he travels alone.
Light discipline - flahlight for emergency only
Movement discipline - patiently waiting for encounters
Blending into environment - dark clothing
No guns
No wood knocking
No call blasting
Submissive behavior

All in all Jaime's approach seems to be FULLY prepared and creating
the best opportunity for Sasquatch to encounter him.

Among other elements, Jaime seems to also take an experimental
approach. Constantly trying different casting formulas and methods to
hide the scent of his food.


  1. While not carrying a firearm is admirably in a politically correct way, it doesn't take into account the 'non-Bigfoot' dangers that one almost always runs into. I don't think a pistol, either a .357 or a .44 will necessarily hurt his Sasquatch hunting. He's a Marine, he can handle it . However, it's his hunt and none of my business. Everything else he does seems spot on and very nice.

  2. Why black clothing, if he wants to be seen?


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