Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Harvey Pratt Sketches and C2C Interview

Filling in for George Knapp on February 28th, Ian Punnett was joined on Coast to Coast AM, for the latter half of the program, by Bigfoot researcher David Paulides and forensic artist Harvey Pratt for a discussion on the relationship between Native American cultures and Bigfoot as well as their work using eyewitness testimony to craft forensic sketches of the creature. Paulides revealed that they have uncovered a number of tales of Bigfoot abducting humans. He shared one story, from around the 1940's or 50's, of a girl from the city who was visiting her family in a rural part of California. She went off into the woods to pick berries and disappeared. A month later, she reemerged and claimed she'd been "kidnapped by the hairy man." Pratt concurred with the pervasiveness of these types of stories, saying that he's heard similar tales "even closer to our time frame."

Regarding their work turning sightings into sketches, Pratt stressed that he serves as a forensic artist as opposed to an illustrator and that all of his drawings are done with the witnesses present and are based solely on their testimony. "We go through a great deal of dialogue," Pratt said, with the goal of capturing the sighting from all angles, including the face as well as the back and shoulders. Despite the ongoing debate in the cryptozoology community over whether the creature is ape-like or human-like, Paulides marveled that "we have yet to draw anything close to an ape." Another trend that they have noticed is that the hair color of the Bigfoot seems to coincide with its age, similar to how a human's hair changes over time. For instance, all of the reported golden-colored Bigfoot are smaller and underdeveloped while the grey haired ones are older and frail-looking creatures.

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  1. Hello. I am a member of the SQUATCH WATCH in weymouth, ma. I have experienced an encounter with many squaches/bigfoots. Many people think me & my crew are a fake, guess what i say to those people? your dead wrong!!!!!! my life revolves around squaches. My encounter was very deadly. He broke my left cheek bone & almost ripped my entire face off. every since i have been erging to make amends with the rare mammal so i created the SQUACH WATCH.

  2. Why on earth would you post anonymously ?
    After all,if you want anyone to believe you,you wouldn't wana do that. Rite ?

    I mean,posting anonymously is almost as bad as creating a thread that requires each posters comment,to meet your approval first.

    Na,sadly,your post lost a lot of it's credibility the moment you opted to omit your name. I mean,I get it,maybe it's because you don't want friends,family or anyone else to ridicule you or to say your lying. In which case,Dude don't share anything at all! But,to share a story like yours "anonymously",well that does more bad than good in my opinion,because we already have thousands of stories that can't be confirmed,or that have flimsy evidence like,Fuzzy Photos,Hissy Audio & Anonymous Posts).

    One thing your post did exemplify,was "What Not To Do" & that I do thank you for.
    So,Good day.

  3. There have been a few hundred or so more witnesses to that of a large, hairy, bipedal, bigfoot type creature than there was to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet, millions of people believe that to be an actual event. without physical evidence, people believe what they want to.


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