Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sasquatch! A New False Positive

Bigfooters are used to false positives, in the field and on-line. Anybody who has ever Googled "bigfoot" knows you may get results for a giant blue 4x4 truck. To the right is a painting of the 4x4 bigfoot truck on the real 4x4 bigfoot truck. Its one of the false positives we kept, because one night everybody at BLC decided to get tatoos of themselves ON themselves and it reminds us those kind of ideas work better on vehicles than on humans. You would think the tattoos alone would suffice as reminders.

Getting back to false positives and seriousness. Within the last four years, every February like clockwork, we get a flood of new false positives in regards to web search. Its called Sasquatch! Music Festival. Check out the chart below. Mouse over the peaks over the last 5 years and you will see Feb, March, and then May.

Sasquatch! is a music festival held annually at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington. It is presented by the House of Blues. There is an emphasis on indie rock bands and singer-songwriters, although there are also alternative rock and hip hop acts. The festival features three separate stages (Sasquatch! Main Stage, Wookie Stage, & Yeti Stage).

It starts with buzzing, blogging and tweeting speculations about who should be on the playlist. Then its about who actually made it on the playlist. Then who's not on the playlist. At BLC headquartes we get them all as they ramp up from February and on until May.

We love any awareness the Big Guy gets and besides people looking for the festival may be getting their own false positives. I wonder how many You-tube videos of a guy in a suit they have to go through to find out if their favorite band is playing at Sasquatch! In the spirit of no-hard-feelings, here's is a gallery of posters from years past. And if you found us while looking for the music festival, tell your friends about Big Foot Lunch Club dot Com.

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