Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fisher Price $100 Bigfoot Toy

There is no doubt, Bigfoot hasn't been this popular since the wake of the Patterson/Gimlin film in the early 70's. He's been on every educational cable channel (History, Discovery and NatGeo), and two new television series debuted with Bigfoot as the subject.

What's next? A hundred-dollar bigfoot toy. Fisher-Price is bringing Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster to Toy Fair 2010 in New York, which opens Sunday the 14th.

This remote-controlled big boy is intended for kids ages 3 to 8; with the included remote, kids will be able to have him walk, express emotions, do somersaults, and perform lots of other actions. And he'll have "interactive touch points" on his mouth and tummy that evoke sounds and actions, as well.

You can expect your own personal sighting of Bigfoot some time this coming June, when he'll ship to stores; the price is expected to be around $100.

Apparently this is a pretty big Deal because its on the WallStreet journals radar. Their web publication market Watch says the timing is right for this kind of product:

EAST AURORA, N.Y., Feb 09, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- It all began a few years ago, when BIGFOOT sightings started popping up just beyond the world headquarters of Fisher-Price, Inc. (a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. NASDAQ:MAT) in East Aurora, N.Y. Although the scientific community considers BIGFOOT to be a combination of folklore and myths, that didn't stop toy designers from setting out to capture the legendary, elusive creature. Fisher-Price found BIGFOOT and brought him back to its world-renowned Play Laboratory where designers unfolded the complicated, misunderstood monster who, surprisingly, wooed them with his charm. After years of intense research (and a few laughs) with BIGFOOT, Fisher-Price is ready to share his engaging personality with the world by introducing Imaginext(R) BIGFOOT The Monster at New York Toy Fair, Feb. 14 -- Feb. 17.

"BIGFOOT The Monster is completely on-trend for 2010. Fisher-Price has interpreted a classic play pattern for contemporary kids," says Chris Byrne, content director for TimetoPlayMag.com, aka The Toy Guy(R). "Inspired by the legendary 'BIGFOOT,' Fisher-Price scores again with a toy that effectively combines the fun and engagement of R/C robotic play with technology that's easy and engaging for preschoolers to use. BIGFOOT is feature-rich, offers long-lasting play value and reflects a preschooler's sense of humor, all of which deliver on the value consumers are looking for this year. "

Promotional Video Below.

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