Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who is David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez will be a guest speaker at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. An excerpt from his bio page below.

David Rodriguez is a 52 yr old Oregon resident who has had a number of encounters with sasquatch over the last 32 years of his life. Dave is self employed and has taken on a variety of community projects over the decades. He is also an avid outdoorsman and hunter.

His first visual encounter of a Sasquatch occurred in 1977 in Yosemite National Park where he and his then roommate almost ran into one late at night while it was crossing the road in front of his vehicle. His most recent "major" encounter was while deer hunting in the Cascades 5 yrs ago late one afternoon, when a Sasquatch came crashing through the timber to cut him off. He and his German Shepherd then had to approach the "individual" within a distance of 22' in order to pass. Dave calmly spoke to the "individual" even though he admits to never being so scared in his life. Despite having numerous other encounters, and more than once with rifle in hand, Dave has long avoided getting involved in the research end of the field until 3 years ago. After twice being within 25' of a Sasquatch, Dave now takes his visual and non visual encounters in stride. He looks forward to his growing ability to stay calm during what are still rare but amazing encounters with this mysterious species.

Rodriguez has a great report entitled "Snow Loading an Alternate and Major Cause of Tree Breaks." While some may incorrectly assume from the title, Rodriguez is discrediting tree breaks as a possible tell-tale sign of Sasquatch behavior. This is simply not true. Rodriguez is doing all field researchers a favor, by giving us insight into how to differentiate types of tree breaks, especially those found in lower elevations.

The report can be read here, it is thorough, complete and has great graphics to illustrate his points.

The best thing about this report is David Rodriguez, he's not afraid to tell Bigfooters things Bigfooters may not want to hear. He is sensitive to the passion of Bigfooters, but honest enough to provide information that can only make us all better Bigfoot researchers.

We salute you David.

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