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Sylvanic Bigfoot Case Closed

David Rodriguez a frequent commentator at Ghost Theory has alerted us to some interesting, if not damaging, evidence regarding Todd Standing of Sylvanic Bigfoot fame.

David Rodriguez points us to We recommend you check it out too. Its extensive, detailed and a little long. We will give you the readers digest version here.

First, in case you havn't read our previous two posts on Sylvanic. Here is the gist as described by Javier Ortega of

Todd Standing has been saying for years that he knows of a secret valley which lies somewhere in the border of the United States and Canada called “Sylvanic”, a name given by the “locals”. In this valley, Mr. Standing claims that he has encountered a group of Bigfoot like creatures and has even filmed some of them during past expeditions.

"One of the first red flags is in the name Slyvanic. Todd’s website said that this is the name the “locals” had given this hidden valley."

syl·van also sil·van (slvn)
adj.[Medieval Latin sylvnus, from Latin Silvnus, god of the woods, from silva, forest.]

Given the fact that Sylvanic is derived from the latin Sylvus, it is suspicious that native people in the United States would have given this valley a Latin name. This is not concrete evidence of Todd being deceitful since many places in the United States do have Latin origins like California. One could say that Todd was confused as to the origin of the name or who exactly had initially named this place.

I then started to see several comments originated from the same computer or network using different name handles and emails. These comments were pro Sylvanic in nature.

Author : Tracey (IP: ,
E-mail : *****
With all the research Standing has done and spent years working on with his team, I would think serious bigfoot believers would understand the immense cost involved. He has never made any money, donating cash to humane societies. It is my guess he needs funds to further research, as sort of indicated on his site.

That aside, getting biologists involved can be so difficult. People always talk the talk but when it’s time to get in action, so many fail to bring it. It is my understanding that this is why Standing has gone to journalists, they can make the discovery VERY public and hopefully hurry along the species protection Standing is trying to gain before revealing their location.

Kudos to Standing, I think he is doing a great job and needs more support and encouragement, not rude comments from derogatory, narrow-minded individuals who have never so much as been in the forest and have no idea what they are talking about.

Author : Louise (IP: ,
E-mail : ****
As the writer writing this NOVEL, I must say there are always skeptics and doubters. I have all of Todd’s information and evidence, much of which has never been released and will not be without species protection. I agree with him that the species would be threatened if he gave out this info.

The problem with evidence, in my opinion, is that for real conclusive and irrefutable evidence you MUST provide a genuine body. Without that, no skeptic, including governments will accept the reality of them. Todd works towards finding a body and until such a time, there will always be those who just don’t believe.

Author : mark (IP: ,
E-mail : ****
I bought both videos a couple of days ago after reading these articles. I think their great. The website explains alot, and i listened to his interview on sasquatch radio from the 28th of dec. the link is here

I hope he finds a body and proves all you nay sayers wrong.

These are just the red Flags uncovered by Ghost Theory. Apparently Todd Standing has a history of inconstancies. These are revealed by a commenter known as MutipleEncounters or ME. You can read ME's post at BFRO you have to scroll halfway down the page) here and read also read ME's further comments at the here.


  1. Dave R. AKA MultipleEncountersJan 16, 2010, 3:58:00 PM

    The Ghosttheory server has been down since this morning. I haven't heard if its just a server crash or a cyber attack? Either way, I've at least got both articles and discussion there saved in case they're needed. No need to jump to conclusions, but if a cyber attack, that sure would be a coincidence.

  2. Wow. This is your "case closed evidence"?

    Have you ever considered that Todd works with a team of individuals that share the same network and/or computer?

    Who are you to say whose right or wrong?

    You're a commentator for a ghost website.

    Please...if you're going to trash-talk someone about a subject you obviously know nothing about, at least bring a valid argument to the table.

  3. I must agree with JP and it seems very weird that a BF site would try to disprove this?

  4. writing fake reviews for your own "team" under fake names is unethical, jan, esoecially when you're asking for donations. carw to sdivukge your IP address?

  5. simply put Todd Standing is full of shit

  6. Look…Maybe Standing is red-handed guilty…of posting his own reinforcing material under the guise of comments from others, that is! So what! Is it the right thing to do? Certainly not! Does that in any way make his claims and videos fraudulent? Hell no…it certainly does not. I’m sure his work is expensive (from one who has directed wilderness expeditions, as I have.), why not do everything possible to raise money if he’s got honest motives, and I believe he does. Again not that impersonating or inventing fans or e-mail identities is ever okay.

    As far as the word “Sylvania” goes it could very well be that the Amerind’s word for the same meaning was translated by some linguist using the Latin as a common denominator as is often the case. The fact that the Latin word is described means squat.

    Case Closed…you have got to be kidding—talk about throwing ‘the baby out with the bath-water’!!! Where do you get off pronouncing Standing’s work as a hoax. He comes across as very sincere and truthful in every interview I’ve seen. Your rush to judgment seems to disqualify you from the moderation of posts and news regarding sasquatch. Jumping to hasty conclusions is what non-thinkers do—not sasquatch bloggers.

  7. I've never heard of " ghosttheory" but you obviously exist , do you believe in god?, where is your hard evidence and yet billions of people believe in god, what is printed on the back of the American dollar Bill " in god we trust" does this make the entire country of the united states crackpot liars? Take all your theories , put them in a pipe and smoke it!

  8. Case closed is a very touch way to put it. The fact that it could be someone from his offices using the computer to comment is highly probable. Does this discredit? Can you buy the documentary? I cant. Ive tried. Heres the other thing, Ive been on this BF thing for the past 3 days now. Not sure whats up, but whatever, in my search I came across Todd, in trying to find more about Todd I find you. Only reason why I want to view todds documentary is the fact that i found someone who posted a similar looking being ass Todd. His name is William Evans. and has videos on youtube which I think are a dizzing mess. But there are one or two that really make you go WHAT THE HECK did I just see. In further searching his evidence I stumble across his facebook. Looking through all the pictures of alleged BF's, I find a very familiar set of eyes looking back. Search youtube for "Retired USA Forest Ranger Knows Sasquatch is real." at the 7:11 mark you will see another set of familiar eyes. Theyre the same looking species. Near identical. To me that says something. And no it doesnt say the three seperate cases are the same person. Goes along side with the discriptions in Lloyd Pye's work (everything you know is wrong talk on youtube)Looking forward to see what pans out with Todd's situation, I tried giving the dude my money and he wont take it. So that in its own adds some credibility.

  9. The Hot ThomollisDec 4, 2012, 10:37:00 PM

    Look ghoul guy if Jane Goodall needed money to fund an expidition to find a perported new species of chimp that is yet undocumented we would have bled money for that to make it happen. This is not so incredibly different. We may have a species yet undocumented in our own back yards. There are people who are in fear for their lives and those of their children that have seen something. If this species is real, which I believe it is, why is it so incredibly unusual for someone to go out and do some research to document it and confirm its existance? This case is open and the viel on this mystery is being pulled back. Is it really so silly to think that something could hide, evade our detection for so long as this creature obviously has? We have discovered so much, we have created, built and made so many high tech inventions that many believe there may be no way for such a creature to hide. But that is what they do. If sasquach are in fact hunters in the forest priority one would be to remain unseen. If they are real and they hide so well I am so sure they have seen a human hunter shoot and kill a deer. If you were an intelligent hominid you would at all costs avoid humans in fear for your lives and those of your squatchy family. If these creatures are real I hope that it can be documented, protected and researched. Research of such a creature is so dangerous. A male chimp can get over five feet tall and weigh around 150 or so pounds. If sasquach is real and it can reach heights of around 9 feet and can be 600 to 800 pounds then Todd Standing is brave and he is willing to risk it all to research these animals. Who gives a hoot if he or another Sylvanic researcher posted something anonomously or if the name of the region he is doing research in is named by natives or Europeans? Your arguement hasn't been well thought out and if that is all you have it isn't enough. Good luck coming up with something more concrete to discredit such a hardworking, courageous guy.

  10. Definitely agree that "case closed" doesn't exactly fit with what you are saying here. How can you negate all of the evidence? Seems to me that he has been blackballed for some reason.

    1. You nailed it. He has pissed off some very big people at the Dept. of the Interior. That is why there is SUCH a huge smear campaign against Todd.

  11. The guy is a fraud. I dont work for Dept. of interior or finding bigfoot or any organization. I have derived this on my own from plain observations of Todd Standing himself (through his videos,etc..) It is obvious he is full of shit. He wont take the finding bigfoot team to the actual place of his video because "its not safe"? Right there I would have not even given him any more airtime. His videos are 100% fake (Looks nothing like a bigfoot and has a shitty animatronic wink, come on!). He may be researching for real but when you start bullshitting people then everything else you have must be assumed as bullshit. I get tired of dickheads like this because they take away credibility from other people who are genuine and make anyone that has real evidence look stupid.
    As far as bigfoot do I believe? Yes! In Todd Standing? Hell No!


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