Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sisimique of Nicaragua Added to AKA Bigfoot World Map

translated from http://archivo.laprensa.com.ni

They said that it was growing dark, there were two huge animals with a human face, whose eyes were red like fire, a rather long tail and is called the Sisimique and Sisimicón. They said that these animals appeared to them to unmarried girls and if they liked would take them away with his tail curled. Which first appeared was in the river and then followed the path to the house and were calling on the way the girls who liked to make eyes at men, and one could hear shouts and grunts that no one could imitate. They said that for Sisimique and Sisimicón not enter the houses had to make noise, much less laugh, as the laughter of the women was what they liked. A number of girls had been stolen, because they were either bandits and they knew where there were women who were flirting with men.

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