Sunday, January 24, 2010

Loren Coleman: Orang Pendek May be Documented in Foreseeable Future

There are so many Cryptozoological pearls of wisdom that are never harvested by the mainstream media. We can't blame them, most people, us included, ask the same basic questions when first bitten by the cryptozoological bug. However, and unfortunately, the consequence of the same fundamental question being asked over and over again is the same answer being told over and over again.

Loren Coleman seems to transcend this hurdle. He knows better than us, that he gets the same questions over and over, and yet his answers are always novel and topical to current crypto happenings. Due to his thoughtfulness, he is able to provide much more than a canned answer--every time.

Today's's article is a perfect case-in-point. While the article is about the rash recent sightings in Pennsylvania, Loren Coleman seems to squeeze in some gems. Coleman's response includes an opinion about vocalizations, news about the Orang Pendak, and alternate theories to the Pennsylvania sightings.

...Loren Coleman, one of the world's most published cryptozoologists (researchers in the study of hidden species), said, "I'm very cautious of sound sightings." He noted that even the white-tailed deer is capable of producing vocalizations that most people do not recognize.

However, he believes there is something real causing some of the bigfoot reports. In the past month, he said, he's heard of at least 10 legitimate reports, in the northwestern U.S., not in Pennsylvania.

And, Coleman expects a bigfoot-type hominid - the orang pendek - to be documented in Indonesia in the foreseeable future by a well-funded, scientific team that has been searching for the species more than 20 years.

In Pennsylvania, he believes it's more likely that some unknown species of "mystery cat" will be documented, and even more likely that some smaller cryptid (hidden species) will be found...

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