Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kayadi Added to AKA Bigfoot World Map

At the blog ShukerNature there is an interesting post about a native Papua New Guinea legend called the Kayadi. The Kayadi is a Bigfoot-like creature that has been described by multiple independent tribes of the island.

We are happy to include Kayadi to our interactive AKA Bigfoot World Map. Below is the excerpt from the post at ShukerNature titled Kayadi - The Bigfoot of Papau New Guinea

In autumn 2002, Todd Jurasek, a cryptozoological investigator, visited the village of Siawi in a remote region of Papua New Guinea roughly 18 miles east of the border with Irian Jaya just below the mountains, and approximately 6 miles from the Sepik River. During his stay there, he interviewed members of several different tribes including both the Siawi and the Amto tribes.

According to their accounts, this New Guinea ape-man, known to the Amto people as the Kayadi, was at least man-sized (i.e. about 5 ft 5 in tall, judging from the average height of most native peoples on New Guinea), hirsute, and bipedal, but also able to climb trees very rapidly, and strong enough physically to throw humans if confronted. One Amti tribesman stated that in 1981 a Kayadi had been startled by his uncle while digging for eggs in a cave near his village, and another claimed that a local girl had actually been kidnapped a while back by one of these man-beasts.

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