Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jeff Meldrum Explains Lack of Bigfoot Bones

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is going to be a guest speaker at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium and he is interviewed in a new documentary called The Town Bigfoot Built.

In the video below, first posted at Cryptomundo.com, Dr. Jeff Meldrum talks to National Geographic about the lack of Bigfoot Bones.


  1. The existence of a viable breeding population of such a large species as Bigfoot with its allegedly large geographic range would certainly have been well documented by now if such a species actually existed. Therefore, I am a complete skeptic on Bigfoot's existence. However, if such a creature were discovered and verified, I would be thrilled. I like to think that our own back yards still hold undiscovered secrets.

  2. you people crack me up. of course "bigfoot" is real. he's just another tribe time forgot although people have been seeing him for centuries all over the world..this is what you get for not reading your Bible..there are so many things in Heaven and Earth that we know nothing about.....they are secretive and can hide from you right under your nose. that's their way. and they eat roots and berries and stuff from the wild. eye witness accounts are dubious at best especially if their scared outa their eyes...and believe me he is all human. different species don't mix. and you would have to ask the world over how well documented he is..you cant just go to the edge of the woods, you have to go deeeep in the woods and mountains. and if you get that prickly feeling on the back of your neck, be real careful...oh and those idiots with monkey suits on are not foolin anybody. he is not a vicious animal, he is a untrusting human being.....be careful.....

  3. DAMN!!! and I thought this thing was up to date. 2010!! you'll never read my material. crikey!!!!!!!!!!!


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