Sunday, January 3, 2010

Google Archives Weekly World News and Bigfoot Benefits

In Alexandria, Egypt, was probably the largest, and certainly the most famous, of the libraries of the ancient world. It flourished under the patronage of the Ptolemaic dynasty (305 BC to 30 BC), and functioned as a major center of scholarship.

Some have compared the modern day equivalent of Alexandria to the internet, but more specifically we have Google Books and they are archiving some of the greatest works of mankind. They are also archiving some the greatest supermarket weeklies of mankind. Including Weekly World News(WWN).

The WWN was launched in 1979 by publisher Generoso Pope as a means to continue using the black and white press that the higher-profile tabloid, The National Enquirer, no longer needed after it switched to color. WWN's highest circulation peaked at 1.2 million per issue. As the publication switched many hands it literally shrank into a mere insert in its competitors weekly, The Sun.

In October 2008, Bat Boy L.L.C., a company started by Neil McGinness, bought WWN. They have revamped the website and is considering printing it again as a standalone publication.

So how do we feel about WWN? Don't they make fun of Bigfoot? Don't they sensationalize Bigfoot falsities? Don't they raise Bigfoot awareness in popular culture? Yes, yes, and yes. It is for the third reason we are thankful for WWN.

While we believe in the seriousness of Bigfoot and protecting them as a species, we believe there is room for a light-hearted approach to the pop-culture phenomenon. We assume once we have generated interest, any intelligent person becomes enticed with the fountain of evidence. Besides who takes the Weekly World News Seriously?

Below you can enjoy Weekly World News covers with Bigfoot. You can visit Google Books complete archive of Weekly World News here.


  1. is one of the greatest publishers of literary master pieces of all time. Their new book Going Mutant, about the life of Bat Boy, is fabulous!!! Hopefully we will see Manigator and Ed Anger on the pages very soon

  2. Can't wait until the turn Going Mutant into a movie!! WWN is putting out great reading for America's youth. Hopefully this is the first in a long line of weekly world news character books

  3. Do they actually tell you what the Big Foot Diet is? I have seen so many ridiculous work outs from guys who are in shape ... since Big Foot can take it to any of them I'd love to see what his work out is like. Maybe its on

  4. Best Bat Boy video ever

  5. Dont stress over who you're voting for ... Do something meaningful and Bat Boy Yourself!

  6. No wonder Manu Ginobili is playing so well...


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