Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cryptomundo Responds to Being "Down"

Craig Woolheater, owner of Cryptomundo, has responded to the Cryptomundo site being down:

"There have been some changes here at Cryptomundo to start the new year.

Some of them may be apparent, others may not be.

First of all, I have purchased the site, along with our sister site, UFOmystic, from the previous owner.

I have formed a new corporation, Cryptomundo, Inc. that will incorporate both sites.

Now the new web host has suspended the account because we have exceeded the server resources, even though the account had unlimited bandwidth unlimited yada yada...

Please bear with us as we now move the site to a dedicated server.

Service should be restored soon..."

Everybody here at BLC wishes Cryptomundo well and can't wait to see the new changes and look forward to the new site being up soon.


  1. there are usually two different numbers that can be exceeded. Monthly bandwidth and daily bandwidth. Either may get site suspended.

  2. Meh. Sounds like they want more $.

  3. We are happy to announce, as of this morning, 01-13-10, just as promised by Craig Woolheater promised, Cryptomundo is back up!


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