Monday, December 28, 2009

Promoters of $1M Hunt 4 Bigfoot Contest Weigh-In

We received a Comment to our previous post via that seems to close the case of the $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot. We decided it deserved its own post. Rick Lewis, of Bigfoot Central/Legend of Bigfoot Museum and promoter of the Hunt 4 Bigfoot event has provided the comment below.

The primary purpose of our Hunt for Bigfoot event is simply to gather together four hundred or more other Bigfoot enthusiasts, for a few days to enjoy the Great Outdoors of the San Juan region of Colorado, promote our business-Bigfoot Central and Legend of Bigfoot Museum, show off the town of Silverton in which we are located, and let everyone enjoy an evening together, Bigfoot'n at our planned $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot closing party.

Over 17,000 people visited our Legend of Bigfoot Museum this past season and we have had many a request for such an event. With (7) recorded sightings nearby this year and a long history of encounters in this region, Bigfoot excitement is in the air and the response to our planned event has been very good. For those one or two skeptics-and there always seem to be some in a crowd-we encourage them to stay home. The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot event is for imaginative and fun enjoying people only.

-- Bigfoot Central/Legend of Bigfoot Museum

Great Job!

You can still register to participate in The Hunt For Bigfoot at

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