Sunday, December 27, 2009

$1M Contest to Capture Bigfoot Legit?

Our pals at are doing some great investigative work into the legitimacy of the $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot.

According to the website
The Hunt will be held in the San Juan Region of Colorado on July 10-14, 2010 with Hunt Headquarters located at Bigfoot Central in Silverton, CO. approximately 50 miles North of Durango, CO. on Hwy. #550. Many sightings of Bigfoot have been reported in this area over the past 200 hundred years, with recent credible reports of sightings and personal encounters during 2009. Registered participants will be given (96) hours to locate and photograph a live Bigfoot within the Designated Hunt Area of a 100 mile radius of Silverton, CO. The first photograph presented to the Promoter and authenticated by it's designated specialists, will win the $1,000,000.00 reward. Additional prizes will be awarded for photographs of Bigfoot Physical Evidence, i.e. tracks, shelters and the like as well as for Best Photographs of selected animals in the wild.

Registration is through this website. The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot is limited to the first (400) entries and Registration will close when available entries are filled. Entry Fee is $250. for (1) Designated Hunter. Additional T-Shirt/Museum/Party tickets are available for Family Members/Friends at $75. per person. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover Card are accepted through our secure Google Check-Out.

A commenter at Whales In Space question the legitimacy of the contest due to the domain registration of The contest site does seem unfinished or incomplete, in fact, the only link that works on the site is the link to purchase tickets. The jury is still out.

We recommend going over to as they begin to connect the dots on this mysterious contest. Whales in space has a lot more detail and some evidence that may sway your opinion.


  1. Hoax contact or not, somebody will have a body in a freezer out there within 48 hrs of the alleged contest beginning.

  2. This is a bad idea, because it is opening up the door for some crackpot to shoot someone and say "I thought he was a Bigfoot" This contest is on a time limit and there always is one in the crowd. Although I hope and pray no one gets hurt.

  3. All the shooting will be done with cameras, so the injury factor should be reduced a bit.

    The say there are 400 available spots at $200 each. That is one million dollars right there. Also it says the money will be paid $50,000 per year for 20 years, so they take the million, stick it in the bank, live off the interest and pay the person their money. That is if a bigfoot is photographed. Plus then they have a photograph of bigfoot to sell and get rich off as well.

    Maybe I should do one of these in my neighborhood.

  4. $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot

    The primary purpose of our Hunt for Bigfoot event is simply to gather together four hundred or more other Bigfoot enthusiasts, for a few days to enjoy the Great Outdoors of the San Juan region of Colorado, promote our business-Bigfoot Central and Legend of Bigfoot Museum, show off the town of Silverton in which we are located, and let everyone enjoy an evening together, Bigfoot'n at our planned $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot closing party.

    Over 17,000 people visited our Legend of Bigfoot Museum this past season and we have had many a request for such an event. With (7) recorded sightings nearby this year and a long history of encounters in this region, Bigfoot excitement is in the air and the response to our planned event has been very good. For those one or two skeptics-and there always seem to be some in a crowd-we encourage them to stay home. The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot event is for imaginative and fun enjoying people only.

    Bigfoot Central/Legend of Bigfoot Museum

  5. 400 available spots at $200 each is only 100 grand... my bad UFO math

  6. That's okay Whales, $200 x 400 is still $80,000. The registration fee at is $250, so $250 x 400 is closer to $100 grand.

    I think the only way they could pay a winner, is if there was a winner and then they would have very valuable rights to a photo. That last statement may be too obvious, it seemed so genius before I wrote it.

    We are less concerned about the prize than we are about the event. The site still seems unfinished. And guest speaker still pending. None-the-less as fellow Bigfooters we wish them well.

  7. In space, no one can hear you do bad math

  8. what I wonder is why silverton Colorado?why not someplace in California such as central or northern.such as Humboldt or pmc in central California.Does the evidence have to be from Colorado?I like the idea of coming up with a contest because it's just so interesting I have had sighting like many many other people.But yes it might invite the hoaxers and I seriously believe in the existence of this creature.Not so sure about it's DNA though but remember DNA was something recently developed too.Just for a photo geez I could get that and I don't even have access to the kind of equipment and night vision cameras those scientists have.pretty cool idea except when you bring that money aspect to it almost seems like a fundraiser.Now what they should do is back the researchers with the best equipment money can buy.


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