Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Panda discovered in 1927 was once as elusive as Bigfoot

The Giant Panda was once as mythical and elusive as Bigfoot. Once captured, we were able to identify fossil records that concluded the existence of the Giant Panda for several million years, and yet it was only discovered within the last century. The first Giant Panda was not captured until November 9, 1927.

The story of the Giant Panda is significant, because even after it was spotted; it took another 60 years and hundreds of highly skilled trackers to finally capture one. So elusive in its natural habitat, the Giant Panda had never been photographed in the wild until 1982 by Franz Camenzind for ABC.

Bigfooters like to include many animals that symbolize the search for Bigfoot is not over. Many of these undocumented, were only discovered within the last century. These animals include the Lowland Gorilla (1860), Komodo Dragon (1910), Platypus (1799), Okapi (1901), and the Coelacanth (1938).

There are hundreds of of these once undiscovered creatures, literally check them out at cryptomundo here


  1. The difference is the Giant Panda was found and photographed. The idea of the large wildman is so ubiquitous in culture all over the world. Yet, we STILL have no conclusive physical evidence, let alone a body. This strongly suggests it does not exist as a real organism. I realize cryptozoologists love to do this but it is not a fair comparison.

    1. There's no difference at all. It WAS found and photographed after a long period of time when it was believed to be nothing more than a myth.

  2. Your right. We too at Bigfoot Lunch Club like to take a somewhat skeptical stance. you can see our post to read what we consider legitimate concerns regarding Bigfoot. That said, we think the public, in general, takes for granted that all animals have already been discovered and documented.

    We are still finding entire new ecosystems.

    Thank you for for your comment and keeping us skeptical!

  3. That's what I'm here for! Love your site.


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