Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Kid on The Block:

There are tons of Bigfoot websites out there, and to be honest most of them are autobiographies of a Bigfoot enthusiast bragging how they have built a better Bigfoot trap.

Like Gandhi says, "Theres room for all of us." We agree, there just isn't enough room or time to share all these sites at

Every once in a while there is a site that breaks the mold, and we have to share it with all our readers. This is the case with is aptly named and the content and resources they provide are everything you would expect from a hub. In their own words:

The premise of is simple: We scour the web for all the best Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunke Ape and Yeti content, record where it's at, put it into categories, and publish that information here so you can get to it fast.

This is what you will find at a great resource.

To that end, we serve up News feeds from six different sources, including the Bigfoot Forums, Blogsquatcher, Cryptomundo, Google, Stan Courtney, and the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

We also thought it would be great if our visitors could quickly scan the latest sightings headlines, from multiple sources, in a single page. A fancy schmancy accordion-style window that makes it easy to have everything on one screen.

Those visitors wishing to share their Sasquatch experience will find our Sightings Report form straight-forward and easy to use.

Okay, we LOVE this feature, mostly because have picked the cream of the crop top 50 Bigfoot videos on you tube. This is what is about in a nutshell. They filter the relevant stuff for you!

So instead of simple “Links” page, they have a searchable Database of Bigfoot sites. That way they can keep things organized, and you can find what you’re looking for. It’s pretty cool. And geeky. We love it. You can even find BLC there.

It’s a short, fascinating, and interesting read. Some people will love it. Others will reject it immediately. Our consensus here at BLC is once you read the first, you HAVE to read the rest. 'Nuff saaid.

Yes! Its like a virtual store with multiple vendors all selling Bigfoot stuff in one place.

Bottom Line: is powerful, extensive and comprehensive. Its been a while since we have been blessed with a website so robust, built by a crew that is all about the research and not all about them self. Bigfoot Lunch Club Salutes you

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