Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bigfoot: This is all the "Proof" you need

If you are interested in Bigfoot and cryptozoology—and if you’re reading this, you probably are—I recently ran across a comic book series that some of you might want to check out. It’s called Proof and is published by Images Comics, and Proof could best be described as The X-Files meets Men in Black by way of Hellboy. It concerns a shadowy government agency called The Lodge that acts as a protective buffer between people and cryptids. According to the premise of the series and Proof writer Alexander Grecian, “A cryptid is a creature that’s never been captured or officially documented despite multiple eye-witness accounts and unsubstantiated evidence (like footprints and fuzzy photographs).” The main point of interest in Proof is the main character, John “Proof” Prufrock. Proof is a talking Bigfoot. In a suit. With a size 29 shoe. Working as a government agent. How cool is that?

Proof works with an ex-FBI agent as his partner, Ginger Brown, and together they encounter a Chupacabra, various fairies and gnomes, Thunderbirds, the Dover Demon, and dinosaurs in the ongoing series. The Lodge also keeps a wildlife habitat for endangered or dangerous cryptids. Sometimes they have to capture and relocate cryptids for their own protection, and for ours. But sometimes the monsters they encounter are human and not the cryptids, and those have to be dealt with as well.

Alexander Grecian's writing in Proof is sharp, clever and frequently darkly funny, and Riley Rossmo's artwork is a first-rate mix of loose lines, brush-like strokes, ink splatters, detailed precision, and rich atmosphere. Proof reads like a really good TV show. It is also available as three graphic novels that collect the series so far. And please note, Proof is intended for “mature audiences,” due to graphic violence and subject matter; not for kids. Though I would have liked it as a kid, but that’s another story. While it doesn’t exactly add to Bigfoot lore and knowledge, Proof is highly entertaining and worth picking up; especially if you, like me, are still missing The X-Files.

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