Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Bigfoot Thanksgiving honoring Harvey Pratt

During Thanksgiving, most of us are reminded of the contributions made by Native Americans on this historical day; specifically the Wampanoag but perhaps this appreciation extends to all Indian tribes and nations in general. At BLC, we are reminded all year long the contributions Native Americans have made to Bigfooting.

1840, Walker, a Protestant missionary, recorded stories of giants among the Native Americans living in Spokane, Washington. In 1847, Paul Kane reported stories by the native people about skoocooms, a race of wild men living on the peak of Mount St. Helens. J. W. Burns in a series of Canadian newspaper articles in the 1920s. Burns coined the term Sasquatch, which is from the Halkomelem sásq’ets. Even The late Great Ivan Sanderson relied on the oral traditions of native Americans to inform his research in his book the Abominable Snowmen, Legend Come to Life.

Just as Native Americans continue to enrich our lives, reminding us of our connection to nature and the wisdom of sustainability, they also continue to inform us more about Bigfoot. Today we showcase one of the greatest contributors, Native American artist Harvey Pratt.

Considered one of the leading forensic artists in the United States, Harvey has spent over 42 years in law enforcement, completing thousands of witness description drawings and hundreds of soft tissue reconstructions. Harvey is the only full-time police forensic artist in Oklahoma. With this background, he was the perfect candidate to team-up with former police investigator and author David Paulides.

Together they have produced one of the most popular Bigfoot must-have books, The Hoopa Project. A description from the website follows:

"The Hoopa Project is the first book by the Executive Director of North America Bigfoot Search (NABS), David Paulides. Paulides has spent the last three years researching and working in an area centered on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California. This first book endeavor chronicles his research on Bigfoot.

Paulides, a former police investigator, wanted to hold witnesses accountable for their statements. To this end, he documented over 45 witnesses who swore on affidavits to witnessing Bigfoot and Bigfoot activity. Interviews and research also brought much insight to related aspects of the hominid, such as topography, weather, elevation and rainfall.

Desiring an expert forensic sketch artist with an intimate knowledge of the Native American culture, Paulides commissioned Harvey Pratt for the Hoopa Project. Harvey met with the witnesses who had Bigfoot sightings and completed forensic sketches based on his interview with them."

We also want to showcase other inspirational art Harvey Pratt has beautifully created. Below you will see more Bigfoot art, a Pendleton Woolen Mill blanket and collectable plate. You can purchase all of these great works of art at Harvey Pratt's Site All of the art below has been posted with permission from Mr. Pratt himself.

During our correspondence with him, he could not be more kind or generous, and we can also claim he is a fan of our site. Harvey Pratt, I can speak for everybody here, we are truly thankful for your contributions and we salute you.

"New Territory" by Harvey Pratt

"Private Bigfoot" and "The Gift" by Harvey Pratt

"Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" by Harvey Pratt

"Oklahoma Centennial Pendleton Blanket" by Harvey Pratt


  1. The art work is beautiful. I, however, do not believe Bigfoot/Sasquatch is some form of man, some form of native. Man was put here on this earth fully developed. That according to the Bible.

  2. We have some post that completely agree with you Linda. is from a self-proclaim Genesis defender (not that it needs defending)

    And another from somebody our most popular contributer.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Certain ancient books should not be read litterally. Read Darwin and look around; all things evolve.

  4. The thing about Bigfoot, is people from different backgrounds can come up with similar conclusions. Based on the Nova Special, "Becoming Human" we too concluded that Bigfoot is definitely a primate and not a form of early human. Check out our post at

  5. The hundreds of eye witness accounts dating back to the 1800's, as well as the numerous Native American 'legends' lead me to believe that 'Bigfoot' is real. Witnesses describe them as looking very human in facial appearance. I think many people scoff because they don't want to believe. The fact of Bigfoot's existance and similarity to humans makes many people face things about their own nature that they do not wish to accept.

  6. I am a optimist on the issue of existence having known a couple of tales told by certifiable persons ...have you saved to desktop and other links.Have been aggressively researchuing as $$ and time allow, which ain't much...times are hard in the land of the free. I also do paintings and will attempt to upload to my facebook acct.

  7. We are all Primates ! inc Sasquatch , he belongs to the same Family Tree, why do people always assume we are somehow "special" we were just lucky, Neanderthals had as Big if not Bigger Brains than us and if things had gone their way instead of ours it would have been a whole different ballgame.


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