Friday, October 23, 2009

Abominible Snowman (Yeti) on MonsterQuest

The History Channel is doubling down on Bigfoot in the snow. For those not in the know MonsterQuest is a series on the History Channel Self described as:

MonsterQuest uses the latest high-tech equipment to take a scientific look at legendary creatures around the world, creatures eyewitnesses claim to see to this day. Each episode will examine all the evidence available, from pictures and video to hair and bones, as well as the eyewitness accounts themselves. Believers, skeptics and scientists will weigh in, but what will the evidence reveal?

This Sunday they will be broadcasting two episodes back to back. Below is an update from their Full Schedule

MonsterQuest : Abominable Snowman
Airs on Sunday October 25 09:00 PM
The Abominable Snowman is among the most frightening and notorious monsters in history. This ferocious nocturnal creature is said to attack people and slaughter their animals. Witnesses report sightings of a strange, hair-covered beast and claim to have heard blood-curdling screams. Evidence amassed over the last century may point to a startling conclusion: that something real and unknown stalks the desolate mountains of the Far East. Scientists and experts will examine the clues while the MonsterQuest team will undertake their most dangerous expedition to date with an epic ascent onto the snowy peaks where recent evidence of the beast was found.

MonsterQuest : Snowbeast Slaughter
Airs on Sunday October 25 11:00 PM
High in the rugged wilderness of Colorado's Rocky Mountains a large hairy creature is said to be preying on the elk and frightening residents. The stories date back centuries with the earliest settlers describing terrifying encounters with a large beast whose scream bellows across the hills. Even today ranchers and hikers report a monster they can't explain that may be attacking their horses. MonsterQuest will sift through the evidence and determine what may be killing the elk. The aerial search ascends to 11,000 ft in search of fresh evidence that could lead to the creature; as the ground team scales the side of Pikes Peak to hunt for the legendary Snowbeast.

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  1. I was very curious about a 3-page commentary on the Abominable Snowman made by Slavomir Rawicz in his book The Long Walk (1956). The historical (autobiographical) nature of the book and the casual, almost nonchalant mention of the encounter gives his story a tremendous credibility. His book is about his escape from Russia and the sighting is by no means an attempt to draw attention to himself; it's simply a documented event. Please check out pages 227-230.

  2. Thank you for this reference! I have ordered it and it is on its way from now and I will definitely check out the pages you are referring to. Regarding MonsterQuest's coverage of the Abominable Snowman, Loren Coleman has some great follow-up information at Thank again for your comment!


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