Saturday, September 19, 2009

Added Gin-Sung to AKA Bigfoot World Map

New addition to the AKA Bigfoot World Map
Also known as Kung-Lu,Tokand Bear-Men. Allegedly,a Asian type of giant hairy hominid that inhabits central China. According to reports the Gin-Sung has a long and shaggy black to dark gray coat, a flat head, beetling brow with a sort of upcurled bang on it, long powerful arms and huge hands, and very human-like feet that leave imprints like those of a giant man but with two subdigital pads under the first toe just like the Sasquatch
The Sherpas of Tibet call this creature This is the beast that Bernard Heuvelmans (famous cryptozoologist) suggested might be a descendant of, related to, or even actually a Gigantopithecus the largest primate that ever walked the Earth which went extinct 500,000 years ago.

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