Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anatomy of a Beast

I am delighted to say we have raised the bar as far as journalistic excellence. This post is filed by our newest Bigfoot Lunch Clubber--and yes, he know's the handshake.
Hermon Joyner is a gifted professional writer/photographer reminding us what hack's we are. Hopefully we will be posting more from Hermon sooner than later. Without further ado...

At the Reading of Michael McLeod’s Anatomy of a Beast

Michael McLeod gave a reading at Powell’s Bookstore on Hawthorne St. in Portland, Oregon, last week on April 23rd, for his new book called Anatomy of a Beast. The subtitle of the book is “Obsession and Myth on the Trail of Bigfoot.” According to McLeod, this book isn’t so much an examination of the existence of Bigfoot, which he says is an absolute impossibility, but a look at the some of the people connected to the spreading of the Bigfoot myth, namely Roger Patterson.

As readings go, it was exceptionally dull for such an interesting subject. For a while, it seemed as if he was filibustering his own meeting, reading several random, seemingly endless, selections from the book, dragging out the time, so he wouldn’t have to answer or take questions from the audience. It was only after he started to take questions that things became interesting at all.

I found it somewhat ironic that he commented that people who believe in Bigfoot will look at any piece of evidence and never question it because they’ve already made up their minds as to whether Bigfoot exists. Yet McLeod said that even if the Patterson footage looks believable, it can’t be true because Bigfoot doesn’t exist—it’s just not possible. It seems like flipsides of the same coin to me.

While the book may be a good read—the bit I read in the bookstore seemed well written enough—McLeod’s own patronizing, dismissive take on the subject did nothing to encourage me to buy or read his book. No matter what you believe about Bigfoot, if you write a book about it, you should be prepared to have fun with it, especially in a public venue. No fun was to be had at that reading, though.

—Hermon Joyner


  1. Been following BfLC for a long time. Although I love the up-to-date topical BF news, you guy's were the first to post about the Georgian Gorilla last summer. Simply the best Bf news out there. But I have to say Hermon Joyner brings something else. Epic and BigfootPDX need to look out BfLC has a new rockstar.

  2. I believe that Hermon hit the nail on the head with McLeod's reading. I wasn't expecting an Indiana Jones type author, but I wasn't expecting a reading from some boring old textbook either. I did become interested in the Q and A as you can see some of the passion that exists in the BF community. I don't think that BF believers have blind faith in BF's existence, but I do know that we like to share in a good story. Maybe it was just an off night for McLeod.

  3. Hey great comments so far. I should put my 2 cents in.

    When asked about some of the other details about Bigfoot lore, he seem to recline on the premise of being primarily interested in the Patterson footage.

    When I had the opportunity to ask a question, I accepted his premise and asked wheat happen to the film and he seemed to not have a strong answer. He simply said he didn't know. A disappointment to be sure, because the theories out there are fascinating.

  4. Hermon, welcome aboard. We are very happy to have you as a new member of the Bf(r)LC. I still haven't gotten used to not having the r in there, it will be missed. I am ready for a new era of the BFLC and I am glad that you are here to kick it off.


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