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Today in Bigfoot History | JAN 03 | New York Times Declares Wallace is Bigfoot

Rough estimate of the New York Times Front Page, Headline accurate 

In 2003, January 3rd, The New York Times printed a front page article reporting Ray Wallace's "death bed" confession as the guy wearing a Bigfoot costume in the famous Patterson/Gimlin film. To Bigfooters the Sasquatch in the film is referred to as Patty. Ray Wallace has been claiming he was Patty long before he died, but somehow as a "death bed" confession the story seemed to stick better. He also claimed at one point his wife was in the suit. The testimony of Michael Wallace, Ray's son is the thrust of the article.

''This wasn't a well-planned plot or anything,'' said Michael Wallace, one of Ray's sons.

''All it means is that Ray Wallace is dead, not Bigfoot,'' said Dr. Wolf Henner Fahrenbach, a zoologist in the Portland area who is retired from the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center.

Though some Bigfoot believers had long suspected that Mr. Wallace created the tracks, he kept his secret, and his family never confirmed it until his death.

Michael Wallace said his father had a friend carve the feet. Dr. Fahrenbach has tried to prove -- by DNA analysis of hair samples -- that Bigfoot is a species heretofore unknown to science. ''Sasquatch feet grow in substantial excess of general body dimensions,'' Dr. Fahrenbach wrote in one study. ''Hence the justifiable moniker Bigfoot.''

Filmed in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California, not far from where Ray Wallace laid his tracks, the short film shows a bewildered-looking apeman walking upright, while glancing at the camera.

The film has its believers, Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Fahrenbach among them. ''As long as Dad was alive, he was Bigfoot,'' Michael Wallace said

Our favorite part is when Dr. Matthew Johnson get's wrapped into this famous article. Dr. Matthew Johnson is an active leader in the Bigfoot community and a Bigfoot witness who currently offers parenting advice via books, CDs, and conferences. His site is one-stop center for "Parenting with a Plan." He also has a popular Facebook Group Team Squatchin' USA

Dr Matthew Johnson (Dr. J) in the wilderness. In 2003 he was quoted
in the now famous New York Times article about Ray Wallace

Below is the excerpt that includes Dr. Matthew Johnson.
Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Fahrenbach may have some academic investment in Bigfoot, but Dr. Matthew Johnson, a clinical psychologist from Grants Pass, Ore., said his conviction could not be dismissed as scholarly bias.

Dr. Johnson said he was too big - 6 feet 9 inches tall - too educated, and too familiar with the outdoors after living in Alaska for years to be fooled by some guy in an ape suit, or a logger with wooden feet.

"I've never had a U.F.O. encounter and have not seen the Loch Ness monster," he said. "I was just a husband and father out for a hike."

Two years ago, while hiking with his family in the Oregon Caves National Monument, Dr. Johnson said, he ventured off to the side of a trail, looked up to some trees and stared, eye to eye with Bigfoot. He reported his find to the National Park Service.

"Ray Wallace may have indeed hoaxed his own tracks," Dr. Johnson said. "But I can guarantee you that Ray Wallace was not walking around in a nine-foot Bigfoot suit in the Oregon Caves at the age of 82. What I saw was real."

Since the encounter, Dr. Johnson, now president of the Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society, has led numerous outings to feed and track Bigfoot. He leaves bananas and husked corn for the animal.

Click the following link to read the entire Bigfoot New York Times article.

In a previous post we broke the news that Judge Rheinhold is planning on producing a movie about Ray Wallace.


  1. Well, this article enraged me for obvious reasons. But,thankfully,today's efforts by the best in the business are likely to confirm in the near future,,,DNA,while it may show many things,,will NOT show wallace,,heirnonmus,or etc,but finally truth.

  2. Also. This is a great article,referring to Dr Matthew J. Thanks!

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  4. Thats a pile of lies! There is no way in 1967 you could have made a suit look that good and have breast as well. The Bigfoot in that video didn't have a human gait, looked somewhat like it shared the fur pattern of a siver back or an aged gorilla, and the plaster cast of the feet from that sight where it walked, were not made by boards. Ray and Bob are liars. Thats it. There is no way they hoaxed it or could have even done that video. They are not big enough to fill the body proportions and have the length of the stride even to match the Bigfoot in the film. I do have to thank you for making them famous and allowing their lies to continue! Anyone can share my statement. John Melland

  5. I agree. I still watch the BF A.. Mysterys every now and then. When I see the Bob H. segment,,and that famous "walk",I still laugh so hard I get tears. No wonder most folks want nothing to do with this awesome legacy,,with these kinds of fools making headlines and tv docs. Plus,another point,when you watch that show,Wallace's wife says he wanted her to put on the suit. She said,I'm not wearing that suit,someone would come over that hill with a gun, and if I recall,,they,as in one of the frauds sons,had a pair of hairy gloves. Witch if that was any kind of "proof" perhaps,,to say that was "Patty" supposably,,that would be absolutely absurd. Check it out. Totally turns this article from NY Times from a good story to flat out shoddy,sloppy work perhaps.

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    1. Wow anon. You are really something. I hope your mom finds out about this and washes your mouth out with soap. Why don't you go back to another site with all the other kids. I would absolutely hate to see this great site ruined by a few foul mouthed kids who are not interested in knowledge,info,or theory's. And having no class what so ever. Thank you for your consideration,and have a wonderful day.

    2. Thanks Robbie, I just caught it and removed it.

    3. Your welcome. I think I was typing below statement when you replied here,lol. I've been involved in many,many hobbies and interests,like most of us have. I'm sure you agree. Sometimes this bad side of BF(esp with the World Wide Web) can be atrocious. ,I've noticed a lot of negativity is directed(,from ones who leave their names as Anon no less for majority of time) towards people who actually make a positive difference,even if in their own way.
      I've been known to get rash every now and again,but thankfully those days are over,as I have developed the thick skin required,lol,and Ive discovered what a massive waste of time it is to argue with someone who either is not interested in truth/learning or just wants to make everyone else

  7. Sorry Mr Edwards,,I've left many sites lately,,and have to say between yours,and a couple other quality sites,that's where I'm happy. I'm very glad to see you take responsibility for nonsense. I'm a towboater from the Ohio river,and I cuss a blue streak often,but not in polite company. Thanks for all the awesome articles. Hope to see this site keep on keeping on with the BF world for years to come!!

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    1. Crazy? Ok. Here's the pot talking to the kettle. I happened to be certified. At least I'm not rude. Hope you have a nice day!

    2. If there weren't younger fans on this site I would be happy to keep anonymous's comments published. Especially the last one that was only directed at Robbie and myself.

    3. I'm glad your holding to a point on some things Guy. It's so cool to see a younger generation getting into this BF world. Too bad there's some that do not consider this. My nephews 9 and ate up with Bigfootitis already,lol. Last week he ask me if Ive ever heard of BFLC,,I said yes,,and pay attention to that one. Lots of good info. He said yea,,I like it. I showed him BF encounters a while back. That blew his mind. He's a letter and magazine reading fool!

  9. Would It be ok to show a picture of a white bigfoot moma getting her one of her twins of a pole and her year before baby playing with my kitty's ,I had cought these on my game camera

  10. well the picture is not real clear but it was at night and you have to look close the one baby is black hanging on the pole and the white moma is reaching around the pole to pull it off and the other one is on her other arm and the other one in in front on the ground I tried to put a picture on here I guess I don't know how, maybe some one can help me with that my email is


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