Sunday, December 21, 2008

Artcic Blast Yeti Sighting

Here in the Northwest we are experiencing an arctic blast. Although any good bigfoot hunter knows Yeti's are usually sighted in Nepal, Tibet and perhaps Canada. Local Portland State University student, Nicholas "Saij" Horton has posted a sighting on his blog Good Tithings

We’re in the middle of what the local news casters are calling the “Artcic Blast”. yep. That’s really what they’re calling it.

I’ve been couped up in my apartment for a few days, and I think it may be getting to me. I could swear I saw a Yeti out my window. Maybe a Big Foot covered in snow to make him look white (given that I’m in the Pacific North West, home of Big Foot).

Although he has misspelled cooped we will take him at his word.

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