Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tour the Bigfoot Scenic Byway

Looking for a fun summer activity? I know that gas prices are high, but if you are looking for one trip to make this summer, the BfRLC suggests touring the Bigfoot Scenic Highway in Northern California. This 89 mile trip (that's only 3 gallons of gas with a car getting great gas mileage, about 4 gallons otherwise), this trip starts of on California State Highway 96 in Willow Creek. Willow Creek is known locally as "The Gateway to Bigfoot Country". A great big statue of Bigfoot will send you off on your touring adventure. From Willow Creek you will follow the Trinity River, which is a great place for fishing and whitewater rafting. From here, head through the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. Stop in to view the traditional artwork of the Hoopa Valley. Next, enter the Klamath National Forest and follow the Klamath River. This part of your journey gives you a good chance to view elk, bald eagles, perhaps Bigfoot as well. Along the western edge of the Klamath River lies Marble Mountain Wilderness area, a great spot for hiking and enjoying a picnic. Next head up to Clear Creek, yet another good hiking spot. Finally, end up in Happy Camp. We hope that you and your family enjoy this trip. Please feel free to drop us a line about how it goes, Bigfoot findings in the area, and any travel suggestions you might have.

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