Monday, February 11, 2008

BFRLC Lunch #3 – the search for Yeren

The BFRLC held its third lunch on Friday, February 8th, at the Vegetarian House at 22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97209. The meeting was another success as we discussed bylaws as well plans for a field day out to the North Plains area.
As for the Vegetarian House – this restaurant can be found in Portland’s Old Town/China Town, a stone’s throw from the Willamette River, the Shanghai Tunnels, and the Greyhound station. The lunch is a buffet with numerous offerings, typical Chinese soups, egg rolls, wantons, fried rice, noodles, sauces – all vegetarian and all very good. The soup was a very pleasant broth filled with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tofu – a good start of the meal to warm the insides and stimulate the appetite. A standout for the buffet was a soy protein and veggie curry dish that used a thickened yellow curry in a way unexpected for this type of Asian Cuisine. Although the soy protein was a tad chewy, there was something intriguing about the texture that makes this researcher even more provoked to study mastication and what we can discern about evolution – both human and Bigfoot. The water refill rates were a little down from what we with the BFRLC would like to see, but otherwise the staff was attentive and kind.
The most interesting thing about the Vegetarian House is that it seems to be connected in the most subtle of ways to Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Quan Yin Method of Meditation with the Inner Light and Sound. A flat screen television in the back of the restaurant plays a video about Supreme Master Ching Hai and what she can do for you. Supreme Master Ching Hai, Vietnamese by birth, is a humanitarian and practicing Buddhist whose sole function at this point in Her life is to help us with our journey from the suffering and confusion of the unawakened state to the Bliss and Absolute Clarity of Total Divine Realization.
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