Friday, February 1, 2008


In 1967, amateur filmmakers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot a grainy, 53-second film of an "unidentified" shaggy, lumbering figure making his big-footed way across a dry lake bed of Bluff Creek, Calif.

"This footage has been viewed by some as documentary proof of the elusive creature," says multi-media artist Cameron Gainer. "For others, the film is considered complete fiction -- an elaborately constructed hoax.

"The 352nd frame of this film is widely regarded as the iconic image of Bigfoot," the artist said.

It is this iconic image that has so captured Gainer's imagination, so much so that he has recreated the creature/imposter's pose as a three-dimensional sculpture.

"Forest Through the Trees" -- a multi-media structure, photo-op prop for curiosity seekers and a screening of the original footage at The Fabric Workshop and Museum -- invites viewers to interact with the work.

"Forest" is the seventh in a new exhibition series featuring site-specific works by contemporary artists at the museum, 1222 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Call (215) 568-1111 or visit the museum.

You can also view read about the creative process in making this life size bigfoot, included are images of every stage of the sculptures process, from the wire frame skeleton to the furry skin at Cryptomundo's site.

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  1. Wow, I am definitely interest in Cameron Gainer's work and would love to know if anyone has seen it or where in the Northwest he may be found. Capturing Frame 352 of the Patterson/Gimlin film is pure genious. A salute should be sent to Cameron Gainer. Perhaps he can join us for lunch if out west.


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