Sunday, January 13, 2008

LUNCH # 001-080111

On heels of the solemn passing of New Zealand's native son; Sir Edmond Hillary, his gnawing spirit for uncharted knowledge continues to thrive. With hungry hearts and hungrier appetites a group of seekers, dreamers, and above all researchers, reflect on the a unique singular passion that allows these law-abiding bill-payers to still have an excuse to wonder, dream and perhaps someday even discover.
Meet the Members of The Bigfoot Researchers Lunch Club, BFRLC for short. They meet twice a month and two weeks a year, in the pursuit of discovery.
This week they find a great Mediterranean place called Pasha, located near the corner of NW 5th and Burnside, Persian cuisine and culture are the highlights at this restaurant which offers lunch buffets, live music and dancing, hookah and catering. Minted potatoes and stuffed grape leaves were particularly popular among BFRLC members.
The fine persian detail on the furniture and eclectic middle-eastern decor underlined the undeniable sense that somehow, unknown to us, an unfamiliar course had been plotted--and better yet we were all stowaways.
The mix of anxiousness and apprehension was expressed in every word and gesture communicated and shared among BFRLC members. The unanimous vote of the official not-so-secret handshake, field research site suggestions, theories to pursue, and tons of confirming rocking "yeah!" moments were tossed and juggled like chines acrobats simultaneously tumbling over and under each other without collision or misstep. Before we realized it, the hour had slipped away, and lunch was almost over, the conversation had turned to reflect on Sir Edmond Hillary. Although there was plenty of opportunity, at this point during the lunch, to focus on things ending I think I can speak for us all when I there was really a sense of "what have we begun?"
Till next time -- feed your bliss

BTW, you can check out the location of every BFRLC location on this Google map.

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  1. If all BFRLC lunches are like the first, then this club is already a success. Aside from the mint potatoes and the grapeleaves, I found the fettucine alfredo flavorful and juicy, the hummus smooth and pleasant to the pallet, and the macaroon dessert fit for a Sheikh. But, it was in the water service that I was most awed. From the get go, every server in the restaurant wanted to make sure that we were well hydrated. Never did my glass get below a half inch from the top. Even after we paid the bill, they continued to make sure we were full to the rim with H2O. This lunch was great, I will give Pashas 2 Bigfoots (Out of 2 Bigfoots possible)


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