Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Ohio. These states have a high level of Bigfoot sightings as well as all sorts of orchards dotting their landscapes. From the apples and cherries of Michigan and Washington to the pears of Oregon and the paw paw of Ohio, these areas are ripe for the possible glimpse of Bigfoot.

Has this road been gone down before? Perhaps, but not with the extensive network Charles Porter brings to the table. See, Chuck, an avid outdoorsman lives in Parkdale, Oregon; located within Hood County. Pear and apple orchards line both sides of Highway 35 as it winds up and over Mt. Hood. The Cascades of both Washington and Oregon have been the locale of many past sightings.

Chuck Porter is a man without fear. He is not afraid to make new friends, talk to the old timers, and explore areas that other folks may not have the courage to explore. He can be our part time eyes and ears for an area that many other BF Researchers can only dream of going.

The word is out in Parkdale, Oregon and the Hood River area that Bigfoot may one day wander through a pear orchard for a snack. When Bigfoot does grab a bite, our man in the field will be the first to know.

Did I mention that Chuck is a beer brewer also? A darn fine one at that. His new line of beers will be out soon and on the market. We will be the first to report that as well.

As this is the BFRLC, and food is part of our club, and every living creature needs to eat to live, please look for future postings on Bigfoot and subsistence – I believe some of the theories that the BFRLC puts forth will amaze you. Here’s a tasty treat….Bigfoot and the Indiana Banana – the paw paw. But let’s save that until our appetites are ready for it. Until next time…

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  1. Looks like the BF google search trends are closely linked to how many letters are in each word. Perhaps this shows a direct link to how lazy Americans are. Perhaps a grant could be acquired that shows those who use the word Yeti are much less likely to track down BF than those who take the time to spell out the whole word Sasquatch? Although, perhaps as stated, Yeti could be the more internationally known...
    There have been recent sitings' in Oregon of the even rarer pygmy Sasquatchafarian race of Bigfooted dready mountain creatures. They live in mountain, city, coastal, and rural locations and eat, oddly enough, diets consisting of fruits that have only fallen off of the plants and trees they grow on. Apples anyone?


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