Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Killing Bigfoot" Cast Members Shouted at During Honobia Bigfoot Conference

"Killing Bigfoot" Cast Members got verbal tomatoes thrown at them 
“I know a lot of people hear ‘Killing Bigfoot,’ it’s bad, and everybody hates us and we get a lot of hate mail.” --Barry Schockemoehl; Killing Bigfoot cast member

The Effington Daily News (EDN) is reporting on some hostility towards the cast members of Killing Bigfoot. The TV show airs on the Destination America network with the tagline, "The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization is determined to hunt and kill a Bigfoot to prove to Science and the world- that the creatures are real." 

To kill or not to kill is an ongoing debate that, we feel, is putting the cart before the horse. Don't we need to find bigfoot first? Although some would argue that bigfoot gets shot or killed about every 4 years. The biggest argument against trying to kill one to prevent mis-identification. In other words you better be sure it is not an upright walking human when you pull the trigger. Even the Chewbacca actor needed protection from hunters.

EDN reports on the hostility between the Killing Bigfoot cast and the Honobia Bigfoot Conference attendees:

Michael Humphreys, a "Killing Bigfoot" cast member from rural Talihina, Oklahoma, said, “These things can get extremely aggressive. I don’t like them scaring the kids.” He said his daughter, his niece and nephews were terrorized.

Producers from “Killing Bigfoot” videotaped while the cast took questions.

Some audience members agreed Lancaster could defend against an aggressive Bigfoot. Others peppered him with questions about why killing is necessary with a rare, elusive species, and why they hunt with bullets instead of cameras, or tranquilizer darts. Some asked questions about illegal animal abuse and killing a part-human.

“Who made you God, to kill an animal like that?” shouted one man in the audience. “You’re not God.”

When asked how close he’d come to killing a Bigfoot, Lancaster replied, “Close.”

“Just fear based on nothing is not a reason to kill,” one audience member called. “You have to have a basis.”
Some verbal fireworks may have been for the television cameras, but the hostility level became intense as audience questions continued
Click the following link to read the article titled "Killing Bigfoot' discussion gets hairy at annual festival".

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Man Becomes Famous after Finding Bigfoot in his Cheetos

Andy's cheesy 'Sasquatch' Photo: CheeseCurlsOfInstagram

“One night I snacked on some Cheetos… I found Sasquatch and other interesting shapes – at least a couple in each bag,” --Andy Huot; Cheese Curl Photographer

Although the 34 year old Andy Huot lives and creates his art in Kentucky, it took an Australian news outlet to recognize his greatness.

In an article dated October 7th, Australia's Yahoo 7 News showcases some of Andy's most provocative work. He is not limited to single pieces, in fact, some of his photos use several cheese curls to tell a story in the form of a diorama.

Evolution of man... in cheese curls. Photo: Andy Huot
The Article titled, "The man who makes the cheesiest art in the world" continues to talk about his process:

“I also started using multiple Cheetos to create dioramas such as ‘The Execution-Style Killing of a Man for Being Different,’ which is my favourite,” he said.

“All Cheetos are saved and sorted in a special container”.
Even his photo captions have become part of the work of art.

“I often do research and create several drafts before I am satisfied. The captions are the most important and most challenging part of the art,” he said.
You Can Find his latest photos at the Following Places
Instagram: @CheeseCurlsofInstagram

And you can buy prints at Etsy:

Monday, September 14, 2015

Unique Bigfoot Audio to be Shared at HopsSquatch on September 27th

Photo of Tillamook Forest Research Group
DATE: Sunday, September 27th
TIME: 12:30-3:00
WHERE: NW Quimby Lucky Lab  | 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209
WHO: Tillamook Forest Research Group

Bigfoot research groups come and go. They are usually dissolve for several reasons and rarely are the lead by the same individuals that initially founded them. Some splinter and others just dissolve slowly. In the end, instead of getting a record of research you get a record of squabbling and rumors. I'm very pleased to announce is that HopsSquatch will be hosting a research group that has overcome all those issues; The Tillamook Forest Research group. 

Even better, Gunnar Monson promises to bring some interesting audio evidence to hopsSquatch. Reserve your ticket now and get the first chance to hear some evidence with full context. 

Members of the Tillamook group includes a who's who of prominent Northwest Bigfoot Researchers. Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson host the popular weekly Bigfoot Radio show, Monster X, Barbara Olvera and Cindy Caddel both have led several BFRO expeditions, Larry Turner has been collecting audio and consulted with the best in the field regarding analysis. Below is a full roster of the group : 

Gunnar Monson, Entrepreneur, Lead Investigator
Larry Turner, Metrologist, Field Investigator, Audio Analysis
Shane Corson, Retail Manager, Field Investigator
Cindy Caddell, Professional Photographer, Degree in Archeology, Field Investigator
Jerod Caddell, Police Officer, Field Investigator
Marc Jasco, Manager of a Calibration Lab, Field Investigator, Wilderness Survival Expert
Jes Sothern, Nurse, Field Investigator
Barbara Olvera, Biology Student, Field Investigator
Greg Rasar, Police Officer, Field Investigator
John Hammer, Nurse, Field Investigator

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