Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Encyclopædia Britannica Adds 3 Video Clips to Sasquatch Page

Eugenie Scott a skeptic who would like Bigfoot to exist
"I would like [Bigfoot] to be real" -- Dr. Eugenie Scott

The Encyclopædia Britannica's page on Sasquatch includes three videos from Dr. Eugene Scott.

You may remember our coverage of Dr. Eugene Scott from our 2001 post, "Dr. Eugenie Scott Debunks Bigfoot and Wildmen". Or even our Today in Bigfoot History post, "Hopeful Skeptic Says Both Bigfoot Camps Need Help". Dr. Eugene Scott is a healthy skeptic and as we have tried to showcase in the past, being a skeptic does not mean that you are not hopeful that Sasquatch is out there.

The three video clips are actually excerpts from the full video embedded below, but if you would like to check out just the three clips, just click on the following titles;  Primate: Could Bigfoot Live in Texas? (03:17)Sasquatch: Eugenie Scott Examines Bigfoot Footage (04:15)Scott, Eugenie: Thinking About Bigfoot Scientifically (04:38).

In the video below Dr. Eugenie Scott represents the Bay Area Skeptics. She quickly identifies two camps of bigfooters. In the first camp, as she describes them, are the paranormal, mystical bigfooters that believe Bigfoot can shape shift, she quickly marginalizes them and says that is an argument for theologists. In the second camp are, as she defines them, cryptozoologist. She is critical of their lack of scientific process and ability to test their explanations.  Dr. Scott does say Scientist like Dr. Jeff Meldrum are heading in the right direction.

The entire hour and half video is well worth watching, it gives us some insights into what our challenges our in seeking Bigfoot. The Table of Contents is below and you will have to click on the "Watch Full Program" in the embedded video to see the whole presentation. 

Eugenie Scott: Bigfoot and Other Wild Men of the Forest from Ask a Scientist on FORA.tv
Video Table of Contents:
01. Introduction: 00 min 56 sec
02. Bay Area Skeptics: 02 min 33 sec
03. Two Types of Wildmen of the Woods: 06 min 15 sec
04. Scientific Investigation of Bigfoot: 04 min 06 sec
05. Cryptozoology: 03 min 43 sec
06. Likelihood of Undiscovered Bigfoot Species: 04 min 18 sec
07. Where Bigfoot Lives: 03 min 04 sec
08. Remnants of Giant Asian Ape?: 04 min 36 sec
09. Bigfoot Prints: 08 min 49 sec
10. Existence of Orangutan: 05 min 02 sec
11. Habitat Encroachment: 00 min 35 sec
12. History of Bigfoot Sightings: 02 min 13 sec
13. Strength of Belief in Bigfoot: 00 min 36 sec
14. Bigfoot Books: 02 min 48 sec
15. Explanations for Sightings: 03 min 54 sec
16. Unreliability of Eyewitness Reports: 04 min 38 sec
17. Yeti Movie: 02 min 27 sec
18. Bluff Creek Sighting Video: 08 min 46 sec
19. Snow Walker Yeti: 06 min 32 sec
20. Camera Traps Fail to Spot Bigfoot: 03 min 34 sec
21. Analysis of Hair Samples: 05 min 21 sec

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dr. Matthew Johnson Breaks the Internet at Bigfoot Habituation Conference

At his TS-USA Bigfoot habituation Conference Dr. Matthew Johnson of TeamSquatchinUSA.com revealed the "rest of the story" about on of his Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA) experience. 

He says he saw a portal open up with a red sky with dark vegetation in the foreground with two small creatures with red glowing eyes. 

Two 3 foot tall creatures were witnessed by John Carlson and Adam Davies. When Matthew Johnson flashed a light towards the portal the Stargate-like portal  closed. When Mr. Johnson turned the flashlight away and as Carlson and Davies walked towards the portal location it would open back up. Twice more Johnson shined the light and twice more he shut it down.

Later Johnson claimed that he slept while Davies and Johnson stayed awake all night. While sleeping he was visited by a Sasquatch in a dream. 

The dream Sasquatch explained to Johnson that Portals was merely a "doorway" for Sasquatch and the 3 ft creatures were merely guards. The Sasquatch further explained that light was a common way to close portals. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rare Opportunity to Meet Bigfoot Archivist and Legend Larry Lund

Larry Lund with Jay Leno from the Tonight Show

DATE: Sunday, April 19th
TIME: 12:30-3:00
WHERE: NW Quimby Lucky Lab  | 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209
WHO: Larry Lund

This is a HopsSquatch you will not want to miss. Larry Lund doesn't travel the Bigfooot circuit as much as he used to. His last public event was possibly three years ago at the annual Skamania County Bigfoot Bash. It is a rare honor to have the opportunity to meet the man who did research with all the original four pillars of Bigfoot research. That's right, Larry Lund rubbed elbows with John Green, Rene Dehinden, Grover Krants and still keeps in contact with Peter Byrne.

Before Finding Bigfoot, in the 90's, the Bigfoot authority you wanted on your TV show was Larry Lund. Larry made several TV appearances including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

A humble researcher that makes the distinction of being a bigfoot authority, but not a bigfoot expert. As he puts it himself, "How can you be an expert in something you can't prove exists?"

Having Larry Lund speak at HopsSquatch has been 2 years in the making and a tribute to the high regard veteran researchers have for the event. Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn what Bigfoot research was like with original four pillars of Bigfoot research and hear stories they don't publish online.

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