Saturday, November 30, 2013

Watch How Stuff Works Break Down the Current State of Bigfoot Research

These guys give us the current state of Bigfoot research has a video series called Stuff to Blow Your Mind. This video is somewhat current covering both Bryan Sykes DNA study and Dr. Melba Ketchum's DNA Study.

Watch the video below:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Sale for Skamainia Bigfoot Tshirts! SOLD OUT!

Was  $19.99 NOW ONLY $14.99!  SOLD OUT


You can save on these popular tees! Inventory is limited and these are the only Bigfoot tshirts that celebrate the first real law to recognize and protect Bigfoot!

As seen on TV! You may have seen this design on the recent NatGeo show. "Bigfoot: The New Evidence" A tshirt that commemorates Skamania County writing the first law to recognize and protect Sasquatch.

Be the envy of  your family and friends with this collectors edition of the Skamania County Bigfoot tshirt commemorating the first law to recognize and protect Bigfoot. This Bigfoot Tshirt is the perfect gift for your favorite bigfooter--even if that favorite bigfooter is yourself.

A closer look at the design (click to enlarge)
These are limited edition t-shirts made with the finest Gildan tees and printed with stretchable ink that will last longer than your average tee. Artwork by Guy Edwards.

Perfect for birthdays or the upcoming Holidays, show your favorite Bigfooter you care and impress them with you knowledge of Bigfoot lore.

Limited quantities, better buy now! Only $19.99 $14.99+ $5.00 shipping

Bigfoot insiders have embraced the tshirt. Watch Rev. Jeff and David Batdorf from the Squatcher's Lounge give high praise in this unsolicited endorsement video.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Sasquatch Webcast by Award-Winning Director

Speaking of Sasquatch is a new webcast focusing on the telepathic possibilities of Sasquatch communication 
"We hope to offer an antidote to the popular media's frequent sensationalism and distortions on this subject." -- Christopher Munch, award-winning director of Letters from the Big Man

Many of you are familiar with the true-to-life Sasquatch movie, Letters from The Big Man. The backstory to this movie is as incredible as the movie itself. It is a story familiar to many bigfooters, a slight interest grows into a fascination as you get closer to your understanding about Sasquatch. If you watch the movie and the included 42-minute documentary titled Sasquatch and Us: Where We've Been, Where We're Going, you can see the direction and path Christopher has taken. 

In a letter to Bigfoot Lunch Club Christopher writes:
"I'm planning to make the webcast a monthly occurrence.  While anchored by Kathleen Odom's communication, we are going to reach out to certain others who are having telepathic interactions and can articulate some of the insights they're receiving.  Above all, we hope to offer an antidote to the popular media's frequent sensationalism and distortions on this subject."
Please watch the first episode of "Speaking of Sasquatch" below and we will keep you up to date as new one roll out. You can get your own updates on the Speaking of Sasquatch Facebook Page.

You can buy copies of Letters from The Big Man here.

Click the following link to read about our previous coverage of Letters from the Big Man
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